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How to Make a DIY Tissue Paper Marigold Garland For Special Celebrations

How to Make a DIY Tissue Paper Marigold Garland For Special Celebrations

Nothing brings us more joy than decorating our homes for different celebrations. From birthday parties to cultural festivities like Diwali and Dia Des Los Muertos, this easy and reusable marigold garland DIY is a versatile way to add cheer to your abode.


Materials Required: 

  • Tissue paper in different colours
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Needle and thread
  • Pencil
  • Scotch tape

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Step One: Cut & Staple

There are many ways how you can create paper flowers. For this project, we opted for circular flowers that look like marigolds. Grab your tissue paper, keeping at least 10 to 12 sheets together and draw a circle with any round shape and a pencil. Cut the circles carefully, stack the papers and staple them in the center.

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Step Two: Make Your Flowers 

The next step is to repeat the process and make more stapled tissue paper circles. Start by twisting and fluffing each paper later one by one until you reach the last one. Carefully, start opening the flower by separating the petals and cutting out small fringes around the circle with your scissors. Fluff one last time, and voila! There you have it.  Continue to repeat this process and make many flowers. We did at least 100 in different colours to fill a long garland.

Step Three: Create The Garland

Next, use a needle and thread to hang all the flowers, passing them through one by one until you reach your desired length.

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Step Four: Hang Your Beautiful Garland 

Finally, it’s time to hang your adorable garland. We used scotch tape. You can hang it anywhere where it will be a decorative piece: your doors, a fireplace, on shelves, and many more.



Images Courtesy of Maca Atencio


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