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This Boho-Chic DIY Lampshade is Made With Just Two Items

The DIY wicker basket lampshade covered in pink, green and white wool details hangs over the DIY creator, Maca, as she sits on a pink couch reading a Dinette magazine.
Maca Atencio

This beautifully detailed DIY pendant lampshade can cheer up any corner of your home in a snap. And the best part? They’re completely customizable, so you can design them to perfectly coordinate with your interior design style and decor! Check out how this unique statement lampshade comes together on a budget, using items you may already have.


All the tools you'll need for this DIY boho-chic lampshade.

Maca Atencio

Materials Required:

  • Yarn in different colours and textures of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Fibre wool yarn roving in different colours of your choice
  • Any old woven basket
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Drill
  • Light kit

Various designs to make with yarn, including tassels and braids, to name a couple.

Maca Atencio

Step One: Yarn Designs

Start by making the tassels that’ll decorate the bulk of your lampshade with different colours of yarn. If you’ve never made your own tassels, here’s how: Grab your yarn and wrap it around your hand about 20 times. With a second piece of yarn, about 2 inches long, make a loop around the bundle wrapped around your hand and tie it off. Cut the ends of the bundle and voila, an easy tassel!

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A finished braid made of white yarn and several finished tassels and knots made of pink, green and cream yarn.

Maca Atencio

More Yarn Design Ideas:

Braids: Create using the same yarn or mixing and matching colours and textures.

Twist: Cut different strands of yarn and twist them together, knotting the ends securely.

Knots: Create big knots using the roving — these will be glued directly onto the basket so make them as tight or as loose as you’d like them to appear on the finished lampshade.

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Assembling the DIY lampshade by removing handles from the woven basket and using hot glue to fix yarn designs onto the basket.

Maca Atencio

Step Two: Assemble The Base 

Now, turn on your hot glue gun. As it heats up, turn your woven basket upside down. Remove the handles with scissors, being careful not to cut the basket itself and potentially unraveling its weave.  With your hot glue gun, start attaching your yarn designs to the basket one by one.

Once each design is glued on, press a finger firmly over the design onto the basket for a few seconds while the glue dries to ensure the design is attached firmly to your DIY lampshade.

Maca Atencio

TIP: The key to achieving a pretty, eclectic look is to alternate between the different yarn designs you’ve made around the basket until its fully covered (or as covered as you’d like it to be). Have fun and be creative in this step!


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Drill a hole through the centre of the bottom of the basket and weave the light kit through to finish your DIY lampshade.

Maca Atencio

Step Three: Plug In The Light Cord 

Grab your drill and carefully open a hole through the exact center top of the basket and pass through the light kit. Depending where you’ll place your light fixture, calculate the length of the wire and install. Et voila! It really is that easy to craft your own DIY lampshade.

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The finished white, cream, pink and green DIY lampshade hangs in front of a window, over a reading nook featuring a pink sofa with a pink throw and a circular cream cushion on it.Make your own DIY lampshade and, as always, be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with your finished project!The finished DIY lampshade hangs in a living room with a pink sofa and indoor plants.

Maca Atencio

A closer look at the DIY lampshade, hanging in front of a tall indoor plant.

Maca Atencio

Images Courtesy of Maca Atencio

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