billy pearson from farmhouse facelift

Billy Pearson

As any kid who grew up on a farm can attest, you’ve got to learn pretty quickly how to fix and build things for yourself. Billy’s passion for carpentry started at a very young age, working alongside his dad on the family farm on a variety of custom projects. He credits his dad with helping hone his skills during these hours spent together in the shop.

Over the last 16 years of working in the construction field, Billy has worked on a wide range of projects – both big and small. Billy’s keen eye for design and his meticulous craftsmanship sets him apart from the crowd. He thrives working on unique projects and will never back down from a challenge – something that these old farmhouses have in spades!

When Billy’s not working alongside his sister, Carolyn, or spending time with his niece and nephews, he’s busy renovating his own home. He still finds the time to pitch in on the family farm, where he continues to work alongside his dad to this day. Billy co-hosts HGTV Canada’s Farmhouse Facelift with his sister Carolyn Wilbrink.