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Moon Lamps, Mushroom Lamps – Plus 8 Other Bright Ideas to Light Up Your Apartment

Art Deco inspired table lamp with modern swerve design

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who use the overhead light and the ones who don’t. Let’s face it, good apartment lighting can totally transform the vibe of your space and your mood. Whether you’re going for cozy and relaxing or vibrant and energetic, lighting plays a huge role in making that happen.


Refreshing your apartment lighting can be an accessible and affordable option to add a little personal touch to your place without breaking the bank or taking up precious real estate.

It’s not all about aesthetics though, good lighting impacts your daily life. Whether you’re cooking, reading, studying or working from home, you need the perfect amount of light to get the job done. From motion-sensored strips to retro-inspired mushroom lamps, here are 10 bright ideas to light up your apartment.

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Dream LED moon-shaped lamp on sitting on desk

Dreamy Moon Lamp

This dreamy moon lamp is perfect for illuminating your bedside table or sprucing up your apartment’s living room lighting. The moon lamp’s textured surface is meant to mimic the actual moon, and its warm glow has been said to help promote sleep. With a selection of tones between white, warm and yellow you can customize the colour based on your mood or vibe. The moon lamp also comes complete with a wooden base and USB charging cord.

Moon Lamp, Amazon, $23

vintage-inspired mushroom shaped lamp on desk

Vintage-Inspired Mushroom Lamp

She’s an icon and she is the moment. The viral mushroom lamp has likely crossed your FYP at least once in the past year. An ode to the ’70s, this glass mushroom-shaped lamp makes a statement without being too over the top. Made from hand-blown glass, this would be great as a pair of bedside table lamps or a cute piece for your WFH desk setup.

Mushroom Lamp, Amazon, $54


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wood-style magnetic LED wall sconce on wall

Versatile Wall-Mounted Lamps

If you’re working with an apartment space that doesn’t have a lot of light options, these magnetic LED wall sconces can be a real lifesaver. They are backed by a paint-friendly sticker adhesive that can be secured to almost any wall surface, and the light fixture itself can be removed from the base for a handy flashlight situation. These wall sconces last up to 20 hours before recharge and would work particularly well for dim hallways or to illuminate framed wall art.

Koopala LED Wall Sconces, Amazon, $59

LED floor lamp in living room with family

Rotatable Floor Lamp

It’s the multiple settings that make this floor lamp a functional apartment lighting option. Not only does it come with a remote control for easy access (hello hard-to-reach corners) but you can choose between four dimming options and multiple rotation placements. This LED floor lamp would work perfectly as living room lighting or a good replacement for your current bedroom light.

LED Floor Lamp, Amazon, $164

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Art Deco inspired table lamp with modern swerve design

Art Deco Statement Lamp

If you want your apartment lighting to also double as an art piece, this Creative Nordic Desk Lamp has it all. Made from glass and resin with a handy on/off switch, this decorative design would make bold moves on your living room mantel or bookshelf while setting the mood with a cool, frosted glow.

Creative Nordic Desk Lamp, $180, Amazon

Circular bedside table lamp with a wireless charger

Bedside Table Lamp (With a Wireless Charger!)

We love a product that considers space, function and design all into one unique piece. This nightstand lamp provides three settings of bedroom light (from dim to high) but will also act as a charging station for your phone. It’s a bedside light that has a natural wood aesthetic that will work well with most neutral interior designs, and it would make the perfect option for late-night reading or study sessions.

Nightstand Lamp and Charging Station, Amazon, $43


wavy, bendable pendant light from Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Wavy Pendant Light

Add a little movement to your bedroom or living room lighting. This wavy, bendable pendant light from Urban Outfitters is an eye-catching option to bring a slight motion to your interior design. With four colours to choose from, this could fit into most design aesthetics, and it easily plugs directly into a standard power outlet.

Brio Cord Kit, $54, Urban Outfitters

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A sleek, modern floor lamp from West Elm
West Elm

Sleek, Modern Floor Lamp

If your interior design style is sleek and modern with a neutral feel, this West Elm floor lamp is the Rolls Royce of living room lighting. The higher price point makes it a bit of a statement piece, but the design is classic enough to last through current interior design trends.

Linear Floor Lamp, West Elm, $599

Motion-sensor strip IKEA lighting above kitchen shelving

Motion-Sensor Strip Lighting

Once you start placing these affordable LED strip lights around your apartment, it might be difficult to stop. Dark kitchen cabinet solution? Check. Motion-sensor washroom lights? Great idea. Lighting under the living room couch? The possibilities are endless. Pick these up on your next IKEA trip and get creative.

STÖTTA Lighting Strip, IKEA, $13

duck-shaped lamp on desk

Adorable Duck Lamp

Sure, this would make a great kids’ night light, but why should they have all the fun? This adorable silicon duck lamp can be used as a cozy night light or a fun addition to your home office. With a squishy outer surface and anti-blue light, this ducky also comes with a timer function that will shut off after 30 minutes, along with multiple dimmer settings. How can you be in anything other than a good mood after switching this on?

Duck Night Light, Amazon, $24


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