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Article’s ’70s-Inspired Furniture Collection is Filled With Future Nostalgia

Article’s ’70s-Inspired Furniture Collection is Filled With Future Nostalgia

Finding new and innovative ways to decorate your home can be challenging. Tons of factors come into play, from colour matching to functionality. Enter Article’s ’70s Edit: the Canadian online furniture company’s latest collection that strikes a balance between nostalgia and modernity. The outdoor home decor pieces are a blast from the past — reminiscent of a groovier era in design that twist playful pops of colour into purposeful pieces dedicated to reenergizing your home.


If you’re looking to elevate your outdoor space with a dash of the past, then this might be the edit for you. Read on to learn how to bring the playful ’70s aesthetic into your own backyard.

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Article, Oyster White Coffee Table, $519.

What is Article’s ’70s Edit?

Think retro, with a modern twist. Article’s newest nostalgia inspired collection unearths the best of ’70s home decor, from terrazzo stone-top tables to plush pastel cushions. The best part is the seamless way it’s able to integrate itself into modern spaces. Every piece can be effortlessly matched with any modern fixtures you might already have.

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How Do I Style ’70s-Inspired Decor?

The ’70s ushered in a bold era in design, flushing out the drab muted tones of the ’50s in favour of embracing colour. Sunshine yellows, ruby reds, cobalt blues and so many other bold hues became the hallmark of this iconic time period. In the current age, many homeowners favour safe shades like eggshell whites or sandy beiges. While those colours might evoke the beauty of coastal decor, they also risk playing it safe. Much of those pieces lack geometric design or a flare for uniqueness.

But how does one decorate retro without it looking too retro? Consider these tips, paired with our favourite products from the collection:


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Be Bold in Your Backyard

Embracing change can be challenging, but isn’t that the fun in reinventing the energy of your home? Settling into your comfort zone can be easy, but why settle for the same old, same old? That’s why we’re loving this collection from Article — it challenges current decorating norms without being too brash in its approach. The subtle callbacks to an era so heavily influenced in today’s pop-culture is an innovative and creative way to inspire homeowners to think outside the box.

Whether you were born in this generation or the last, these nostalgia-powered pieces will surely fit any home decor endeavor you set your mind to.

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Images Courtesy of Article.

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