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10 Best Amazon Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Homebody in Your Life

Henrie luxury pillow

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for your special someone, here are our top Amazon picks for that homebody. From comfort-enhancing gifts to home décor, there is something for everyone. 


Henrie Luxury Adjustable Pillow

For Your Queen or King: A Premium Pillow

If your sweetheart loves their cozy abode, you’ll know pillows can play a central role to a good night’s rest (and who doesn’t need good sleep to be their optimal self). The Henrie Luxury Adjustable Pillow is one way to show your special someone that you care for their comfort. The pillow comes with premium filling (a blend of shredded memory foam and 100 per cent renewable plant-based kapok fibres); no polyester. This allows the pillow to keep its shape over a longer period of time. Because it’s completely adjustable, it’s filled to a very high loft, but stuffing can be removed to suit your Valentine’s individual preferences, whether they be side, back or stomach sleepers. Similarly, the pillow is designed for longevity. The high thread count cotton cover is designed to prevent stretching, so this will be a gift that keeps on giving.  

Henrie Luxury Adjustable Pillow, Amazon, $199. 

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Glowing moon lamp

For Their Comfy Nook: Dreamy Moon Lamp

This dreamy moon lamp is perfect for illuminating any nook or bedside table or even sprucing up some ambient lighting. The lamp’s textured surface is meant to mimic the actual moon, and its warm glow has been said to help promote sleep. With a selection of tones between white, warm and yellow, you can customize the colour based on your mood or vibe. The moon lamp also comes complete with a wooden base and USB charging cord.

YouOK Moon Lamp, Amazon, $26


Ceramic Ring Dish Holder

For Their Knick-Knacks: A Drop Tray or Decorative Gift

A sweet gift or catch-all dish for your love’s abode, this Ceramic Ring Dish holder can hold and organize keys, accessories or anything else they may need to keep in one place. Made with glazed ceramic, it also comes in a gift box which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Ceramic Ring Dish Holder, Amazon, $16.

Back to the Roots Non-GMO Chili Planter

For the Spice Lover: Something Spicy

Back To The Roots Organic and Non-GMO Chili Planter is just the thing if you’ve got a garden-lover or foodie who likes a little kick of heat with their meals. This year-round gift thrives indoors, with everything your spicy sweetheart will need to get these chilis off the ground and onto their plates; the kit comes with a custom soil blend and fertilizer, organic vegetable seeds, large mason jars and fertilizer spikes.

Back to the Roots Non-GMO Chili Planter, Amazon, $66.

SOJA&CO. Gift Set

Set a Scentscape: Handmade Decadent Soy Wax Candles

This made-in-Canada choice smells divine, and we’re pretty sure your special someone will think so too. And if they are big on making their home the centre of their universe, then they will go the extra step and pay attention to details like the aromas in their home. This pack comes with White Musk + Praline, Siberian Pine + Chai and Confirs + Froster Cypress.  

SOJA&CO. Gift Set, Amazon, $63.

Couple Pillow Cover

For Long Distance Lovers: A Pillowcase to Bide the Time

While you’ll also need to find a suitable pillow for this cover, we think it’s a sweet gesture with a warm missive if you and your honey aren’t often physically near one another. The decorative pillow is made with high quality linen and features a hidden zipper. 

Couple Pillow Cover 18×18 inch Pillow Cover, Amazon, $15.


DOVDOV Golden Gesture Decoration

For The Romantics: A Decorative Sculpture

Not the verbal type? Not a problem. Adorn your Significant Other’s space with a symbol of your sentiments with this plated resin sculpture. 

DOVDOV Golden Gesture Decoration, Amazon, $39.

3-Piece Valentine's Day Bamboo Heart Spoons

For the Practical Partner: A Set of Bamboo Spoons

If a kitchen is the heart of your partner’s abode, then these heart-shaped cooking utensils are right at home. For the practical person, this three-piece set is suitable for both cooking or baking (or can double as décor). The spoons are engraved and made of bamboo.

3-Piece Valentine’s Day Bamboo Heart Spoons, Amazon, $35.

Pink and Gold Rectangle Glossy Serving Tray

Serve Up Something Special: Breakfast On a Tray

This baby pink and gold glossy tray can certainly serve double-duty, both us a functional mode of delivery (drinks, breakfast in bed) and as home décor.

Pink and Gold Rectangle Glossy Serving Tray, Amazon, $62. 

LEGO Icons Orchid Artificial Plant

Keep It Playful: A LEGO Orchid

If your honey is more hands-on, they may appreciate building their flowers, like this LEGO Orchid. Part of the LEGO Botanical Collection, this gift is not only a great bonding activity, but the customizable stems, and blooms can sit on display afterwards. Bonus: They can be changed and your sweetheart needn’t have green thumbs.

LEGO Icons Orchid Artificial Plant, Amazon, $60.

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