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How to Make Your Bed Feel Like it Belongs in a Hotel

How to Make Your Bed Feel Like it Belongs in a Hotel

Cozy doesn’t have to mean fancy. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing, like making your bed every morning, that will make your space feel warm and inviting. But if you’ve ever walked into a hotel and wondered how their beds always look so luxurious, here’s how.


What You’ll Need

  • Fitted Sheet
  • Top Sheet
  • Two Comforters
  • Two Euro Shams
  • Two Sleeping Pillows
  • A Decorative Lumbar Pillow
  • Quilt


Person in a pink sweater making a bed like a hotel.

Step One: Don’t use exactly matching fitted and top sheets. I love using the same colour in two different shades (for example, a light pink colour for the fitted sheet and a darker, richer pink for the top sheet). Place the top sheet with the pattern side down so that the decorative side shows when you fold it over the duvet.

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Person adding a quilt on the second comforter.


Step Two: The trick to making your bed extra fluffy is placing one extra comforter, folded into thirds, in the center or at the end of your bed, on top of the first duvet. This comforter can be either neutral (but textured) or patterned (if your main duvet cover is a solid colour).

Alexandra Gater placing a white lumbar pilllow on the bed,

Step Three: Now time for pillows! My favourite combination for beds is two 26-by-26 inch (66-by-66 cm) solid Euro shams that rest against the headboard, two sleeping pillows with cases that match the colour of the fitted sheet, and one decorative lumbar pillow in front. The number and size of pillows depend on the size of your frame.

For a king-size bed, you want to use three Euro shams and ensure that your sleeping pillows are also king-size. You might find a longer lumbar pillow better fills the bed.

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Person in pink sweater folding comforter.

Step Four: Place a quilt on top of the second comforter. You can mix and match colours and patterns, but to keep everything looking cohesive, stick within similar colour tones.

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From the book: OWN YOUR SPACE: Attainable Room-by-Room Decorating Tips for Renters and Homeowners by Alexandra Gater Copyright © 2023 by Alexandra Gater. Printed courtesy of Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

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All photos courtesy of Lauren Kolyn.

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