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Battle on the Beach Shores Up Season 3 Winners

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler on Battle on the Beach

It’s been a frantic six weeks of beachy renos, designs and overhauls, but heading into the season 3 finale of Battle on the Beach, it really seemed like any of the three duos could shovel up the $50,000 prize.


There was a lot riding on the finale for everyone involved. Taniya Nayak and Alison Victoria were both hoping for their second wins as mentors, while Ty Pennington was fighting hard for his first.

The teams, meanwhile, had a chance to take everything that judges Bryan and Sarah Baeumler had told them over the competition to heart. That’s because they were given one last day and a $5,000 budget to make any last-minute fixes to their properties before the realtors came in to assess each home’s return on investment.

To say the fixes were impressive would be an understatement.

Team Taniya: Ryan and Kelsey Mansingh

Mentor Taniya Nayak poses in the exterior winning space with her team, Kelsey and Ryan, as seen on Battle on the Beach, Season 3.

Ryan and Kelsey knew they had a good thing going with their exterior design, which included plenty of lounge space and a prep kitchen. They were also ahead of the others when it came to their extra bedroom. However, they knew they needed to add storage, so they included additional shelves inside and out for functionality.

The duo also sourced a new dining room table to give the indoor space more appeal. While they knew they wouldn’t necessarily add value to the home itself with that last-minute switch, they added staging value by helping future renters or homeowners envision the area’s potential.

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Team Alison: Ben Argall and Pete Meldrum

The completed exterior of Team Alison’s renovated beach house, as seen on Battle on the Beach, Season 3. (After, Matches Before #1)

Ben and Pete were pretty happy with the way their interior design looked, but they added some extra light in the kitchen in order to brighten up the space. Then, they focused most of their finale attention on the exterior.

There, they replaced the hazardous interior butcher’s block counters with granite. They also took the opportunity to add a sink and a mini fridge, which added instant value. (Even if the counter accidentally cracked on one of the last cuts.) The biggest value add, however, was the addition of a screened-in porch, which added a ton of function and appeal.


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Team Ty: Ashley Basnight and Steve Lewis

Team Ty’s completed deck and exterior with grill and seating area, as seen on Battle on the Beach, Season 3. (After, Matches Before #12)

Ashley and Steve (and Ty, for that matter) didn’t always see eye-to-eye with Bryan and Sarah’s critiques. That’s why they left the hand-cut, Mediterranean tiles in the bathroom as is and focused on a few final fixes they felt were needed instead. That included the last-minute addition of an outdoor shower, which is just as functional for dogs as it is for sandy feet. (Miraculously, the team found a plumber to come in and help on a Saturday.)

It was the perfect addition to their luxe, board-and-batten look, which popped against their competitors’ green finishes and vibes.

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And the Winner Is…

Mentor Ty Pennington poses in front of the winning house with his team of Ashley and Steven, as seen on Battle on the Beach, Season 3. Team Ty won $50,000 in prize money and overall winner of Battle on the Beach.

There was no doubt all three times managed to increase their homes’ values by staggering amounts. But no one could have anticipated just how close it was. In the end, the duos upped their return on investment by 38.5 per cent, 41.5 per cent, and 42.5 per cent.

So which team edged out the competition by a mere per cent? That would be friends Steve and Ashley. Not even Bryan and Sarah saw that coming, but the tears in Ashley’s eyes—which she tried to hide—were real. So was Ty’s first victory as a mentor.

“All the hard work paid off, it was so fun doing it with Ty especially,” Steve said. “We had a lot of fun. A lot of fun.”


“We kind of made good stuff together. I can see doing projects down the road with these guys for sure,” Ty wrapped as the trio popped a bottle of champagne.

Battle on the Beach season 3 winners celebrate on the beach

With that, the third season of Battle on the Beach comes to a close. Check out all the action from the beginning on HGTV Canada, also available on the Global TV App and on STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, fuboTV, Rogers Ignite TV, and Ignite SmartStream.

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