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Thanks to Airbnb, Twilight Fans Can Now Stay in Bella Swan’s House

Movie buffs the world over have been known to embark on dedicated pilgrimages to sacred films sites, from the firehouse in Ghostbusters and the house from Home Alone to the Overlook Hotel featured in The Shining. But in terms of more recent film history, few movie locations have garnered as much attention as the home of Twilight‘s Bella Swan. The vampire-human-werewolf teen love triangle took over popular culture back in 2008 and continues to bring in new fans to Stephanie Meyer’s book series. So when the “Twilight Swan House” (as it’s referred to) went on sale in 2018, Amber and Dean Neufeld snapped it up and quickly turned it into a rental property on Airbnb. Not surprisingly, Twilight fans have since pounced on the opportunity to sleep in the same room where Edward once secretly visited Bella. Intrigued? You’d better book now before the world’s Twihards snap up all availability for their next vacation.

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