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How to Makeover Every Room in Your House for Under $1,000

How to Makeover Every Room in Your House for Under $1,000
Photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo.

How is it possible to makeover your entire house for under $1,000 you ask? Well, with our handy budget-friendly guides on how to transform each room in your home for less than $100, you’ll be able to makeover your entire house for less than it costs to buy a new cell phone.


Living Room
The living room is often the space where you’ll spend most of your time, from entertaining guests to family movie nights. So, you want this room to look great, right? From paint to throw pillows, there are so many ways to give your living room a refresh on a budget.

Guide: How to Give Your Living Room a Makeover for Less Than $100

Bathroom renovations can be quite costly, so how do you update this space in a way that won’t break the bank? From replacing vanity doors to freshening up the caulk and grout, there are plenty of affordable ideas to give your bathroom a makeover.

Guide: Bryan Baeumler’s 10 Bathroom Updates That Cost Than $100

Kitchen renovations are one of the best ways to increase your home’s resale value. However, this type of project can cost thousands of dollars. Simple kitchen updates like replacing your cabinet hardware or adding a decorative stick-on backsplash will cost you less than a crisp $100 bill.

Guide: Bryan Baeumler’s 10 Simple Kitchen Updates That Cost Less Than $100

Kids’ Room
If your kiddo wants to update their bedroom, you may be worried that their tastes will change in a year or two. From new bedding to fun ceiling stencils, there are some easy ways you can update your kid’s bedroom without spending too much cash.

Guide: 10 Dreamy Ways to Update Your Kid’s Bedroom on a Budget


You’re probably thinking: “how can I update my basement for under $100?” And, we promise, it’s entirely possible. Whether your basement is furnished or not, there are ways to give it a refresh, from investing in some room dividers or buying some plants that thrive in low light.

Guide: How to Makeover Your Basement for Under $100

Everyone wants that perfect little backyard oasis. With less than $100 you can invest in an outdoor fireplace, some twinkle lights or colourful outdoor plants that will bring your outdoor living space from drab to fab.

Guide: How to Makeover Your Backyard for Spring for Less Than $100

Images Courtesy of HGTV Canada.

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