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Airbnb’s Most Queer-Friendly Cities in 2023

Airbnb’s Most Queer-Friendly Cities in 2023

Pride season is fast approaching, and travelers around the world are booking their stays in the most queer-friendly cities on Airbnb. In 2023, Airbnb released a report outlining the top cities with the most LGBTQ+ inclusive language used by their hosts. Creating a safe space for all travelers is essential, especially when navigating accommodations in countries that aren’t as devoted to protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ people as Canada.


LGBTQ+ inclusive language allows for guests to feel welcome, seen and safe. On this list, Airbnb reported the best in this category, with one Canadian city making into the top five! Read on to find out which city made the list.

What is LGBTQ+ Affirming Language?

LGBTQ+ inclusive language is a way to let queer travelers know they are welcome in any given space. Inclusive language is recognizing the diverse range of bodies, genders and identities of LGBTQ+ people. By encouraging this type of language, hosts are able to create safe environments for all of their guests. In tandem, this is a positive way to foster a better relationship with diverse groups of people beyond the scope of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Where to Travel During Pride Season

Thinking about where to travel for Pride can be a challenge, especially when there are so many gorgeous places to visit. According to Airbnb, the cities with the most LGBTQ+ inclusive language from hosts include places Mexico City, San Francisco and even Montreal. If you’re looking to book ASAP, these are the top five most inclusive cities to look out for:

  • New York City, US
  • London, UK
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Toronto, Canada

Since 2018, Toronto has maintained it’s spot in the top five most inclusive cities to book on Airbnb. Cities like New York, London and Rio have consistently shown improvement in more hosts using inclusive language, keeping them in the top three.

In terms of celebrating Pride, Airbnb has outlined a list of the best places to visit during Pride season based on local events, community and safety. These are some of their top picks outside of Canada:

  • Portland, US
  • Provincetown, US
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Sitges, Spain

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