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This 10-Minute DIY Paper Note Board Is a Back-to-School Essential

A paper roll hanged next to a pink mirror

Back-to-school season is around the corner, and we all know how overwhelming it can feel thanks to a change in routine and jam-packed schedules (from extra-curriculars to everyday lunch making). Creating a running family to-do list to help us stay organized can be a game changer. That’s why we’ve designed a simple and stylish DIY rolling Kraft paper note board that only takes 10 minutes to make (because when you’re busy rushing kids out the door, sometimes that’s all the time we have). Let’s get started!

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DIY materials in a white table
Maca Atencio

Materials Required:

  • 12-inch brown Kraft paper roll
  • 16-inch round dowel rod
  • 16-inch thin flat wood piece (or scrap wood, cut to size)
  • Suede cord, any colour
  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Hook
  • Double-sided tape

DIY Expert Maca Atencio holding a paper roll organizer
Maca Atencio

Step 1: Prep the Paper Roll

Prep the paper roll base by sliding the round dowel rod inside the Kraft paper roll. Centre it, then cut a long piece of the suede cord and tie a knot at both ends, where the wooden dowel meets the end of the Kraft paper roll.

Tip: Tie the cord around one end first to decide how high or low you want the note board to hang, then cut and secure the cord to the other side of the rod.

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Cutting a wooden dowel with a saw
Maca Atencio

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Now that your base is ready to hang, we need a 16-inch thin wood piece with a flat base. This will be used to hold the Kraft paper against the wall, and to help tear the paper away as needed. If using a scrap piece of wood, use a saw to cut it to 16-inches to match the size of your base dowel, and add double-sided tape to both corners of one side.

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DIY Expert Maca Atencio writing a note on paper roll
Maca Atencio

Step 3: Hang the Organizer

Finally, screw the hook into the wall at your preferred height placement, and hang your stylish new DIY paper roll organizer. Pull down the Kraft paper as low as you wish, and attach the cut wood piece a few inches from the bottom to hold the paper in place.

Paper roll organizer hanged to the wall
Maca Atencio

Can you believe you DIYed this chic idea in just 10 minutes? With a few simple materials and a small budget, you can achieve a fun and functional organizing solution for the busy months ahead. We can’t wait to see your creations!

Images Courtesy of Maca Atencio


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