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You Will Never See Another Bathroom Makeover Like This One

You Will Never See Another Bathroom Makeover Like This One

The image of Tiffany Pratt brushing her teeth in a boring, ho-hum white bathroom just doesn’t jive with us. The rainbow-haired DIY aficionado, (who’s back for a second season of Home to Win!), had done her best to transform her tiny bathroom into a space befitting her vibrant style, with colourful accessories and a ruffled shower curtain, but ultimately it fell short of capturing her true essence. With Delta Faucets Canada at her side, and some great local vendors for tiles, a vanity and mirror, the fearless designer set out to create a true “Tiffany makeover” and give her bathroom the love it deserved.



Above is the bathroom before the makeover. It’s a patchwork of mismatched tile, a DIY sink and dated hardware. It’s by no means terrible, but it certainly doesn’t befit HGTV’s Queen of DIY! Now, onto the makeover…


That’s more like it!

Tiffany relied on five clever tricks to give her tiny bathroom a big “spacious” makeover. First, she chose a floating vanity, which gives the illusion of extra space. She worked with KraftMaid to design the custom piece, allowing her to fit it to her bathroom perfectly.


Next, Tiffany gave her tiny space a touch of glamour with a champagne bronze faucet from Delta Faucets’ Vero Collection. The strong, modern lines and glitzy finish immediately catch the eye and distract from the bathroom’s small size. Who said makeovers weren’t magical?


Speaking of smoke and mirrors…Tiffany knew from the very beginning, before making any other design choices, that she wanted a heart-shaped mirror. Having a custom mirror cut allows you to really inject some personality into your space, and you can specify the shape and scale to fit your room perfectly. Could you honestly imagine Tiffany with anything else hanging in her bathroom?

Fourth on Tiffany’s list for making a small bathroom feel huge is ditching a traditional shower curtain for a glass screen. Tiffany’s bathroom layout is quite common, with a single window over the bathtub. With a shower curtain, you lose what limited natural light you have, but a glass screen lets the sun shine in. In true Tiffany style, she used gold fasteners to match her faucet. Little details like this make all the difference, especially in a teeny tiny space.



Tiffany’s fifth and final trick for creating her one-of-a-kind bathroom was to mix a wild array of patterns. The busy bathroom is a true feast for the eyes, which once again, distracts for the footprint of the room, and dazzles with colour and prints. We’re obsessed with Tiffany’s dreamy Flavor Paper wallpaper, and Mettro Source Tile floors!


Could Tiffany‘s bathroom be any cuter? Stay tuned for more makeovers from HGTV’s Queen of DIY!

Photos by Vanessa Galle

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