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Win the Hearts of Your Neighbours With Tiffany Pratt’s DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Win the Hearts of Your Neighbours With Tiffany Pratt’s DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

One of my all time favourite holidays is Valentine’s Day. It has been for as long as I can remember because it is all about hearts, pink, love, kindness, telling people how you feel and chocolate. I know that there are a lot of people that do not like Valentine’s Day, but I don’t focus on the commercial part of things or the partnership side so much as my obsession with putting as many hearts around me as possible. This DIY is about telling everyone that passes by your door that love is all you need, that love is the most important thing and that pom poms make life better. Isn’t that a Valentine’s Day message worth spreading?


Here is what you are going to need: Tulle (of any colour), a big heart made of cardboard or papier-mâché, yarn of any colour (pink and red preferred, scissors, acrylic paint, a paintbrush and a hot glue gun. (Tiffany’s Tip: You can buy pre-made pom poms in most craft stores.)

Step One: Paint Your Heart

Cut a heart out of cardboard or buy a heart for the center of your door. It can be whatever size you want. I went for a small to medium sized heart because I wanted to put a huge ruffle on it. The one that I used is from a craft store that is a bit of a bubbled heart. You don’t have to buy the heart-you can just make it from what you have. Once you have your heart paint it with whatever colour of acrylic paint that you want.

Step Two: Dress Your Heart in Tulle


Fire up your hot glue gun and begin hot gluing the tulle the back of your heart. It can be ruffled or flat. The idea is that it looks a little like an Edwardian collar or one of those fluffy chocolate boxes that you can find in a drug store.

Step Three: Decorating Your Heart Wreath

Hot glue pom poms to your dried and painted heart. I like an asymmetrical balance on most things so I only sprinkled pom poms on one side of the heart. You can completely cover yours! This your choice! You can also use store bought pom poms! I made mine in four difference sizes for texture! This is totally up to you!

Here is How to Make a Pom Pom:

Cut pieces of cardboard in four different sizes. I recommend:

5×5 (XL) 4×4 (L) 3×3 (M) 2×2 (S) 1×1 (XS)

Wrap yarn around the cardboard square with as much yarn in as many colours as you like. When you get your desired thickness, then take the yarn off the square and tie some yarn in the middle of your bundle really tight. The more yarn you use the thicker the pom pom is. Then cut the looped yarn and you have a pom pom! SO easy!

Step Four: Create a “Tail” for Your Heart Wreath

Hot glue some yarn dangling for pretty and a loop at the top for hanging on your front door and you have your festive door decor!

I love fun and interesting things to go on my front door! The cool thing about this DIY is that depending on the colours that you use-it can be left up on your door long past Valentine’ Day! Hearts are for all the time! Also! This craft does not take a long time! It is truly a little acrylic paint and hot glue! So, go get your kids, friends and your weiner dog to make your own heart inspired door decor!

Crushing hard on Valentine’s Day crafts? See my step-by-step guide for creating a cute-as-can-be no-sew heart pillow.


Tiffany Pratt is the Queen of Craft. Known for her signature colourful style, Tiffany has brought her unique sense of design to HGTV Canada’s Buy It, Fix It, Sell It and Home to Win.

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