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What’s New With Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson
HGTV Canada

With any skill there are stages of learning. First, you learn the fundamentals, then tricks of the trade and your own personal flair. Once you’ve learned all the rules of a craft, that’s when you learn how to break those rules the right way and push your limits to create some of your most innovative work. For Sarah Richardson, she’s reached that level of expertise. After more than 20 years of transforming spaces without breaking the bank, she continues to take on exciting and challenging new projects.


Read on to find out what Sarah’s been up to since we last saw her on Sarah’s Mountain Escape. And catch up on all episodes of Sarah’s Mountain Escape with STACKTV. Try it free today!

 What’s New?

“There’s never a dull moment.” It’s been some time since we last saw Sarah restore House Heidi on Sarah’s Mountain Escape. Since then, she’s been keeping as busy as ever. “Launching a new collection with Allstyle and a new YouTube series on a big cottage renovation that we did called Sarah’s Island Rescue.”

A Colourful New Project

Speaking of that new partnership, we wanted to know more about it. “It’s a collection of door and drawer fronts. It’s a cabinetry collection I’ve designed for a Toronto based company called Allstyle. Their system is designed to work off the IKEA platform. So, it’s an efficient way of being able to get a more custom look.” It sounds like Sarah is as determined as ever to create upscale designs without breaking the bank.

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Go-To Design Inspiration

“I’m always taking cues from natural surroundings.” Design isn’t universal, you need to work within the home and location you have to create the best space. Designs that suit a mountainside chalet may not be the best fit for a lakeside cottage. So, she’s been letting her workspace influence her as much as possible. “For me, so much of that has to do with texture and colour palette. I’m taking cues from the natural surroundings, whether it’s water or sky, or the woods and rocks. That’s how I interpret and express.”

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Perks of the Job

As difficult as it can be taking on new projects in remote places, they have their upsides. One of those perks is being on the water and getting into nature. Sarah and her family have been sure to make the most of the opportunity, spending as much time on the lake as they can. With summer just around the corner, we should all be following her lead.

Keeping Up to Date

“The difference between trendy and timeless colours is that trendy colours are often really bold, saturated, and driven by fashion.” A large part of Sarah’s business and life revolves around knowing and understanding design trends. So, keeping up with what’s in, and more importantly what will stay, is crucial for her. “When you’re thinking about big ticket items, you really want it to be more timeless, colours that might be more muted. I really gravitate towards historic palettes.”

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Looking Ahead

“I’m seeing barns that are falling down, and old churches and historic homes being demolished, and it’s kind of breaking my heart.” Unsurprisingly to fans, Sarah couldn’t help but talk about all of the potential projects she notices throughout her daily life. As much as we think of her as a designer, renovation is just as close to her heart. This means that she always has an eye out for her next great rehab project. “I always love me an old historic building that can be brought up to this century and made modern.”

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