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What is Greige? Learn How to Use This Colour in Your Home

Greige living room colour trend
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It’s the umami of the colour world. Is it beige, grey, or light brown? It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what colour greige is, but we’re 100 per cent certain we love the hue, and it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. 


The design world has come to think of greige as a neutral tone that sits somewhere between a classic grey and beige, making the shade incredibly versatile. If you’re into the monochromatic look, greige has that quiet luxury appeal that’s warm and inviting, while still feeling elevated. No matter your flavour of greige, here’s how to introduce the hue into your home this year. 

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Living in Greige

The appeal of greige is that it’s the type of neutral that can be both a cool and warm tone (it pairs well with other cool and warm tones, too). For rooms with plenty of furniture, such as a bedroom or living room, the decorating opportunities are endless. If you’re starting with a cool toned space and want to inject some warmth, try adding a warm greige area rug (extra cozy points if it’s a high pile). The fun thing about bigger rooms is you can continue to layer in pieces until it feels just right.

Greige Living Room

If the room in question has large windows, window treatments are a functional way to create a design moment in your space, which come in a variety of textures to deliver depth. Pillows and throw blankets are another easy, low-commitment decor element for sneaking in some greige.

Layers of Greige

The above living room is an example of cool-meets-warm greige tones, from the curtains to the couch, accent chairs and pouf. Layering in greige of various shades and textures lends depth to this space.


Grey/beige living room with high ceilings featuring wooden beams

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Greige Moments

The spacious living room above features small hits of greige that work beautifully with the warm wood focal points (the beams and the flooring). To complement the warm wood tones, greige is present in the pillows, and the area rug is there to tie it all in.

Greige textures in bedroom

Cozy Minimalist

This cozy sleep corner is one example of how greige ties together a neutral space, pairing with warm wood tones and adding plenty of interest thanks to the patterned headboard and textured shams and throw. We could lounge around in this bedroom all day!

Sophisticated greige room

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Sophisticated Sleeper

This sophisticated bedroom pulls together various shades of greige. From the wall colour, bench, rug, bedding and headboard, we’re loving this monochromatic moment with black features. 

Statement Walls

While kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the house for functional purposes as well as social, they can still serve as the most beautiful. Greige has many lives and serves well as pillows and rugs, but it can also live on the walls as a lovely paint colour or backsplash. A greige wall is neutral enough to work with your kitchen no matter your cabinet colours and vice versa.

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If re-painting your walls is not an option, repainting your cabinets can be an alternative to introducing greige into your space. Greige is also more of a natural tone, so it can work seamlessly with many natural stones, whether paired with a warm wood or featured in a backsplash or marble or quartz countertop. 

Modern greige kitchen with natural materials


She’s a Natural

The above dining room is an example of how well greige works with natural materials like wood. The greige upholstered chairs pairs seamlessly with the large wood table, yet break up all the wood so the table and chairs are not overbearing. The greige tone is a perfect match to the light fixtures above the table, creating a synchronized colour palette without being monochromatic.

Greige cabinets in kitchen

Timeless Cabinetry

Greige kitchen cabinets give this cooking space a refined, inviting aesthetic. Kitchens can be daunting to update, and a coat of paint over otherwise tired looking cabinetry is often an easy upgrade that won’t uproot your life, or your wallet. 

Spa Vibes

Another room that deserves attention is the bathroom. With self-care being numero uno in priorities these days, bathrooms are starting to play an integral role in a household. Greige has a soothing colour tone that is present in many stones and tiles. Layering greige stonework with warm white walls, or even greige walls to create an inviting space to wind down, would definitely take your nighttime self-care routine to the next level.

The nice thing about bathrooms is that you can invite texture and elements of design through easy items like towels and bath mats, so if greige stonework is not possible, you can still enjoy the hue with simple, low-cost accessories.

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All-greige bathroom

Greige on Greige

Like we said, greige has this amazing natural characteristic and is a beautiful shade when present in stonework. The stone tile on the floor above, which continues up the wall, pairs perfectly with the adjacent white wall. The white bathtub and floating vanity find their place amongst the stonework by breaking it up and creating a cohesive look.

Modern greige bathroom


Modern Greige

We love this example of a modern bathroom with lots of black accents but warmed up with greige tiles and a textured bath mat. What could be an austere space now becomes cozy and tranquil when paired with warm greige tones.  

With so much inspiration to pull from, we’re predicting greige days ahead, with no end to this trend in sight!

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