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10 Ways to Transform Your Family Bathroom Into a Luxury Spa Retreat


The sound of a rainfall shower, the serene smell of eucalyptus, the warmth of a heated towel — wellness-focused bathrooms that inspire an escape are on the rise. For those looking to turn their own loo into a spa-like sanctuary, it’s a lot easier than you think. By implementing just a few key design elements, you can create a mini luxury spa within the comforts of your own home. 


An Enercare professional installing a tankless hot water
Darren Goldstein

Water Essentials

Nothing is more luxurious than a bubble bath that’s perfectly warm or basking in an extended hot shower when you need a little ‘me’ time. But if your household is constantly running out of hot water, it might be time to call in the experts at Enercare and switch to a tankless hot water heater. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to water heaters and a tankless one will ensure your family enjoys continuous hot water supply which is key when creating a spa-like bathroom. Plus, tankless hot water heaters can be 95 percent more efficient at heating water and help reduce energy consumption as they don’t require constant, 24/7 heating. And by choosing an Enercare rental option, you can focus on relaxing at home while their experts take care of any repairs over the life of the equipment.

Small Bathroom Luxury

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation in 2024, don’t sleep on wet rooms. Popular in Europe for some time, wet rooms are becoming more common in North America and a selling feature for homebuyers. So, what exactly are they? Designed to be completely waterproof, the drainage design of wet rooms remove the need for an enclosed shower, creating a zero-entry oasis for your shower-bathtub combination. Not only do wet rooms provide a level of accessibility greatly appreciated for resale, they also allow for the beautiful element of steam to be a part of your bathing experience. Plus, the less segmented design of wet rooms can help maximize space for those seeking small bathroom solutions.

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A beautiful modern bathroom

Room To Relax

The bathroom should be a place to decompress from the outside world and simply be ourselves. Given the wrong lighting, we risk losing the spa-like energy we’ve worked so hard to cultivate. When redesigning your bathroom, do not let lighting become an afterthought. Back-lit mirrors, under-vanity lighting, sconces and pendant lights can do wonders to help you create an atmosphere suitable for everything from getting ready in the morning to calm nights in the bath. Your future eyes will thank you.

A Promising Palette

Though subjective, a basic white-on-white colour palette doesn’t exactly translate to ‘relaxing at-home spa.’ Instead, we’re opting for soothing bathroom colours — ‘colours’ being the keyword. We’re parting ways (at least for now) with classic white subway tile and instead opting for soft blues, greens and natural tones. We’re also choosing warm wood features that resemble a Nordic spa. Smaller bathrooms provide the opportunity to be bold, so be open to a plethora of colours and textures.

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A shower detail with grey vertical subway tiles, white...
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That Spa Feeling

Replicating that post-spa glow at home might seem next to impossible, but it’s a lot easier to accomplish when you have a water softener installed. Water softeners ensure your water cleans better by reducing scaley build-up, which means you won’t have to worry about clogged pores or hair and skin being stripped of its natural moisture. Plus, water softeners prolong the life of your bathroom by keeping plumbing free of debris and other junk so you’ll save money, too (and avoid harsh chemical cleaners). So, if cleaner water is what you’re after, be sure to check out Enercare’s water softener systems, which cover installation and repairs by the experts.

Invigorate Your Senses

Creating a spa-like feeling in your bathroom requires activating all five senses. Several studies have proven that smell can have a powerful impact on our mood and more specifically, that the smell of lavender can have a relaxing effect and reduce symptoms of stress. Introduce aromatherapy into your bathroom design by adding a diffuser with your favourite essential oils or place fresh eucalyptus in the shower. Opting for aloe, lavender or bamboo plants can help purify the air and create more of an ambience, too.


Less Is More

The last thing your bathroom spa needs is clutter. Keep any bathroom decor completely functional and to the point. Instead of knick-knacks with no purpose, keep plush towels on display (follow this step-by-step guide to roll your towels like a spa) and have spa-like amenities at your fingertips. A glimpse of Epsom salts or bubble bath may inspire you to indulge more frequently in some well-deserved escapism.

Need more spa bathroom decor ideas? Take inspiration from these Luxe Canadian spas. 

White and beige minimalist bathroom with wooden bathtub....
Getty Images

Spacious Quarters

Add a little more luxe to your daily routine by giving yourself the gift of your own space. If room dimensions allow for it, double vanities are a no-brainer when it comes to bathroom design and provide ample room for the things you love. Create a functional yet inviting area by utilizing cabinets that can be home to everything from your hair dryer to your skin-care regime.

Luxurious bathroom with natural stone tiles and wooden cabinet.
Getty Images

Spa Bath Decor

The solitude found in a bathroom is something that can only be appreciated with years of wisdom. Instead of creating a task-oriented room, try to add areas that encourage stillness. A stool at the vanity or wood bench in the wet room can offer a place to rest and unwind, while a bathtub tray can promote self-care by keeping essentials nearby.

A modern shower enclosed with black-framed glass


Big (Spa Bathroom) Ideas

With more individuals working and exercising at home, many are investing in their private spaces. There is no limitation to how elaborate your at-home spa can be — steam showers, infrared saunas and even cold plunge pools are being incorporated into bathrooms to help revitalize one’s self without leaving home. When designing your luxurious spa-like bathroom, you’ll want to consider how the latest technology can enhance your design. Heated floors, towel warmers, defogging mirrors, smart toilets and skincare refrigerators can all help you escape the business of life and transform your bathroom into a luxury spa retreat.

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