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We Rate the Top-Selling Amazon Surface Cleaners in Canada

We did the dirty (well, technically clean) work for you and tested the top-selling all-purpose cleaning products on Amazon right now to determine which are worthy of such a coveted list. Blame it on COVID or CleanTok, but it feels like there are now more cleaning products than ever to choose from.


Starting the week off with a squeaky clean house 🏡 @Mikaila Kukurudza #thepinkstuff #scrubdaddy #sundayreset #cleaninghacks #cleaningproducts #amazonfinds

♬ shut up my moms calling x – maddie🎀

Just like a fine wine, before you commit to a bottle, we’re giving you a taste of what you’re in for. Here are our top ten surface cleaners ranked one to ten (as in ten out of ten).


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