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Timber Kings’ Biggest (Littlest) Fans

Little kids dressed up as Timber Kings

In anticipation of the Timber Kings sneak-peek special and season four finale (Sunday at 9pm e/p and 10pm e/p) we’re sharing a sweet meet-and-greet with the BIGGEST (littlest) fans of Timber Kings!


Pam Webster reached out to HGTV Canada by email to introduce the team to the three biggest Timber Kings fans (who also happen to be the youngest fans, too!). Pam’s three sons, Lachlan (age six), Rowan (age three) and Malcolm (age one and a half), are so obsessed with Timber Kings that they actually play Timber Kings! Their bedroom and playroom have become log homes and cabins (with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and wraparound porches to boot-they’ve got the lingo down!). The boys get into character, dress up in plaid, and perfect their impressions of their favourite Timber Kings. They’ve even incorporated props!

They each have a chainsaw, tool belts, hammers and handsaws, and have recently requested hard hats-safety first!


The Webster family lives in the small community of Warren Grove in the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Now that the weather is warming, Pam and her husband Ryan accompany the boys outdoors, to explore the woods around their home, in search of perfect logs!

Pam and Ryan love having a show that brings the entire family together. “We especially like that it has inspired our boys, at such a young age, to want to build and create tangible things. It shows them that if they put their mind to something and are willing to put in hard work they can do anything.”


Pam and Ryan’s middle son, Rowan, is turning four on May 9th and requested a birthday theme months ago…you guessed it: TIMBER KINGS! Pam’s hunting down themed decor: lots of plaid, a tree stump birthday cake with a log cabin and chainsaw, and “logs” made out of boxes wrapped in brown paper so the boys can build cabins. Pam’s also planning on picking up saplings from a local nursery so all of Rowan’s party guests can plant a new tree in their own yard!

The Websters truly are the biggest Timber Kings fans! Pam, thank you for sharing your story with the HGTV Canada family. Rowan, we wish you a very happy fourth birthday! Lachlan, Rowan and Malcolm, keep up the great work. You make the timber kings proud!


Don’t miss an exclusive look back at the most spectacular homes from all four seasons of Timber Kings, Sunday at 9pm e/p, and catch the season four finale, Sunday at 10pm e/p.



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