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Tiffany Pratt’s Genius Hack for Making Phone Cords Look Cute

Tiffany Pratt’s Genius Hack for Making Phone Cords Look Cute

I don’t know about you, but I keep a cell phone charging cord in my purse. I am always having to charge my phone so having one with me is a must! The thing that I notice is that with all the wear and tear, my cords start getting dirty and they eventually fall apart. Even worse, they are not colourful or textured and those are things that I cannot live without. This is an easy problem to solve, with a little bit of time and some embroidery thread, I knotted a Jacob’s Ladder all the way up my charging cords. You too can transform your boring charger into a strong, technicolour version that will look cute on the road and stay intact longer. So, throw on a movie and grab your cords! 


Here is what you are going to need:

  • Embroidery thread in as many colours as you would like
  • Any cable or charging cords that you want to make pretty
  • Scissors
  • Time

Step One: Tie and Cut Some Thread

Tie the colours of embroidery thread to the top of the charging cord and cut the length about 6-10 inches longer than the cord. I like to take this time to queue up the movie and get some snacks out.

Step Two: Keep The Cord in Place

Find a place to put the cord so that it stays in place. I have put the head of the charging cord in a drawer, under heavy books or had someone hold it for me. That way the cord is nice and straight and secure while I am tying my knots.

Step Three: Tie Knots with the Jacob’s Ladder Technique

Remember the old camp days? What about making friendship bracelets at the schoolyard? Do you remember that super easy Jacobs ladder technique where you just tie knots and the pattern goes around and around? Well, that is all you are doing here-just make sure that your knots are nice and tight!

Step Four: Tie Up the Loose Ends


Now that your charging cord is complete, tie a nice knot at the bottom and cut all of the loose thread off & ENJOY!

Anyone can do this and it uses materials that you can easily get your hands on for almost no money! The only real investment is your time-but it should not take longer than 20-30 minutes. It helps save something that is precious in our technological world and it gives us craft pause in our lives to make this textured cord happen! It is a win for everyone!

For more gorgeous DIY projects by Tiffany Pratt, visit’s DIY section!

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