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Tiffany Pratt Shows You How to Make Your Step Ladder Dazzle

Tiffany Pratt Shows You How to Make Your Step Ladder Dazzle

One of the most useful and functional things you can have in your home is a step ladder! Take it from me, I use mine all the time and I cannot live without it. So often, my clients struggle to find places to put a ladder so that it can remain accessible all the time in the room they need it the most. With a growing number of us moving into smaller spaces, our storage needs to go up higher and out of natural reach. My solution to needing to have a ladder at the ready is dazzling up a step ladder so that you will always want to keep it out and you will never want to store it away! Think of Mariah Carrey’s microphone or Carrie Bradshaw’s old cell phone to channel the level of bling that I am suggesting here. Let’s do this!


Here is what you will need to dazzle up your step ladder:

  • A step ladder of any kind
  • Sequin encrusted trims of any kind or colour
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors

Step One: Clean Your Step Ladder

Make sure to wipe off the step ladder to ensure that the ladders surface that you will be gluing on is clean.

Step Two: Wrap the Trim

Assemble the ladder so that it is standing when you begin. Start from the bottom and start wrapping the trim around and around the legs of the ladder to begin.

Remember to overlap the trim as you wind up so that it is very solid looking and you do not see any of the metal ladder poking through. Use hot glue every few winds around to make sure that the trim stays in place and is secure.


Step Three: Wrap the Steps (If You Want)

Once you finish the legs and handles it is optional to change colours and do the steps too! I used very textured and flat trim for this ladder. It has some grip to it-so I chose to wrap the steps. Ladder safety is imperative so skip decorating the stairs if the material you use doesn’t have grip to it. 

I love turning something of little interest or value into something that looks artful and interesting! It does not matter if your step ladder is old or if it is brand new-breathing new life into a basic item is the name of the game so use what you have. Once you have totally bedazzled your ladder all you need to do now is find excuses to use it endlessly and let the sparkle light up your heart and your steps on the way to storage heaven.

For more of Tiffany Pratt’s colourful DIY creations, visit the DIY section!

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