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The Classic Design Element that Sarah Baeumler Loves for Every Room

The Classic Design Element that Sarah Baeumler Loves for Every Room

When designing any space, it is integral to take into account the natural surroundings of the location. I vehemently believe that your home should have a seamless transition from the outside in. Now this doesn’t mean that you should cut down a few trees and drag them through your front door, but there are many ways that you can bring the outdoors in, and one of my current favourites is the use of natural woven textiles.


The term natural wovens covers a variety of materials and pieces but all of them use naturally made qualities that immediately evoke a sense of the outdoors. Jute rugs are the perfect example of this. Their natural colouring provides a sense of simplicity and calming and can make a space instantly serene. Jute is plant fibre and is a great material to use as it is quick to grow and biodegradable. A jute rug can also add that element of texture that your space might need.

Another popular choice are chairs that have a woven element to them. There is a selection of materials that are used for these but the ones that use natural materials are often the most attractive and the best quality. Not only are these beautiful chairs a superb addition to any space, they are also very durable and if cared for properly can last a lifetime. I am drawn to the natural wood colours; the light tones have a modern feel but they also offer a warmth that only natural materials can provide.

A beautiful way to add woven materials and natural fibres to your space is by using the numerous accessories out there. Woven baskets and storage containers are not only a useful way to store your children’s toys or blankets, but they speak of a forgotten trade and a traditional craft. Basket weaving has been a cottage industry for centuries which has offered many people a chance to turn their craft into a profit. Buying locally crafted baskets is a great way to support local manufacturing and industry.

Wicker lightshades is another new trend within natural wovens collection. These natural tones married with a light source can enrich any space. I am a huge fan of these in bedrooms or kitchens especially when it is juxtaposed with a simple colour. Using white with these wood colourings has become a huge favourite with designers across the globe, but they can also work with richer colours such as an antique blue.


A way to add warmth to a space by using these features is by including a different natural material to compliment them. By draping a woolen blanket over a woven chair you can instantly warm up the space, creating a visually calming vignette while offering a welcoming space to all.

Using natural materials in your home will allow you to transform your space and give you a renewed attachment to the natural world. However, it is always important to do some research on where the materials come from, how they were sourced and whether the appropriate regulations were followed. Not only will this ensure that your purchase has a minimal effect on the planet, but knowing that the piece is well-made and that the materials are a high quality will mean the piece will last longer and can become an heirloom for your home.

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