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Space-Saving Organization Tips for Your Wardrobe

Hanger for pants

Now that it’s a new year and the hectic holidays are behind us, it’s time to tackle that little corner or chair in your room where discarded clothing and objects tend to pile up. We all have those blind spots in our homes – you’re not alone! If you’re vowing to be more organized in mind, body, and soul, you can start by manifesting the “new you” through your wardrobe. As the ye old English proverb goes: an organized wardrobe is an organized you! Or at least they would have said that if they had these space-saving organization tips back in the day.


Over the door organizer

Get Over It

We can’t get enough of Indigo’s inhouse brand OUI. They’ve created functional items without sacrificing design. Case in point: this over the door organizer in an off-white canvas that does the trick to save you space and keep items organized. From shoes to scarves and belts, stow away your items while keeping them within reach for easy accessibility. 

Belt and tie hanger

Belt It Out

Don’t lose your pants over too many belts and nowhere to store them! Amazon has got you covered, so keep your pants on and your belts sorted! This clever belt hanger will keep your belts tucked away and out of sight. Some people prefer to roll their belts up and place them in drawers. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a smart method but rolling can actually damage your belts. Hanging your belts in your wardrobe ensures they maintain their shape and are within reach as you get ready.

Pant hanger

Living By the Seat of Your Pants

How do you fold your pants? Fold them in drawers or hang them in your closet? One of the most important aspects of wardrobe organization is ensuring you can see your clothing. It’s one thing to have things tucked away, but it’s another to have things organized and visible. Cue this pant hanger that can be hung vertically or horizontally. Your pants will be easily stored while not taking up too much precious wardrobe real estate. 


Esque wall organizer

Over And Out

Over-the-door hangers have many useful purposes. Say hello to the Umbra Estique Wall Organizer available at Indigo. From belts, scarves, bags, sweaters and housecoats, this multipurpose functional yet stylish hanger system will set you up for success in wardrobe organization 101. 

Stackable bins

Bin There, Organized That

Bins have been having a moment lately so why shouldn’t your wardrobe bin-efit too? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Bins now come in so many shapes, materials and colours, making them more aesthetically pleasing, meaning you might not want to keep them tucked away in your closest. They are particularly useful for accessories big and small. However, a very useful purpose that bins provide is safely storing sweaters and scarves that if left exposed could become a moth haven. Storing your precious cashmeres in sealed off bins can save you time and money. Another feature of using bins is that you can stack them in your wardrobe thereby maximizing space, like these bins found on Your wardrobe will thank us. 

under-the-bed storage

Under the Bed and Out of Sight

We don’t need mom and dad checking under the bed for monsters since we have these clever under the bed storage systems from IKEA. What we love most about these drawers is how the wheels on the bottom lend themselves to an easy, breezy experience of grabbing what you need without scratching your floors. Whether you’re storing seasonal clothing or extra linens and towels, it’s a no-brainer for making space in your wardrobe for items you don’t use on a daily basis. 

SKUBB box set


Little Boxes, Little Boxes

The age-old dilemma of how to organize your sock drawer is finally solved thanks to none other than IKEA. The answer can be found in these simple little boxes or these larger compartments. If those aren’t the answer you’re looking for, IKEA has many options in varying colours and sizes to suit your sock drawer needs. The beauty of these organizers is that they aren’t limited to organizing socks and underwear. They are ideal for small accessories that need a home in your wardrobe too!

Minimalist mirror

Mirror, Mirror Mounted On the Wall

Our last tip for an organized and space saving wardrobe is to find yourself a full length mirror that you can mount on the wall. This saves space while ensuring you can do a final outfit check before heading off into the world. You’ll be confident in knowing you look good and your mirror is out of the way. We’re a fan of this beauty from Bouclair that’ll save you space and money. 

Nothing says new year new me more than an organized wardrobe, and now that you have these tips and tricks in mind, you’re ready to take on the new year in a fashionably organized way! It’s the beginning of an organized relationship with your wardrobe.

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