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How to Unlock the Potential of a Small Space Gym with Home Organization


Creating a functional and organized workout space in your home is so simple and affordable, you don’t even need a spare room to do it! By using a corner of a home office, an empty nook, or even a bare wall, you can create a budget-friendly and hip home gym anywhere in your home, with a little help from IKEA.


Give the Space a Pop of Colour

DIY aficionado and YouTuber Alexandra Gater recommends giving your home gym a pop of colour to keep your motivation on high. Colours like red and yellow have been shown to energize people and get hearts racing–making them perfect colours for a gym! A decorative wall, like Alexandra’s statement wallpaper, helps to define the space. It’s no longer an empty nook, it’s a home gym!

Woman wearing a white outfit adding workout accessories onto a shelf.

Use Open Storage to Access Items Easily

The IKEA KALLAX shelf unit is perfect for home gyms because it provides handy, individual cubbies for everyday workout accessories. Everything is within arm’s reach on open shelves, but still looks organized. Within the cubbies, Alexandra used the IKEA MURVEL shoe organizer to display sneakers, along with IKEA KUGGIS storage boxes and the SALUDING basket to hide small items.

The top of the shelf can also be used for decorative items, like plants, the IKEA BONDTOLVAN clock and a speaker, to add some personality to the space, and keep workouts on track.

Finally, Alexandra raised the shelf unit to sit on IKEA EKET legs. This small detail elevates the look of the shelving unit and adds a personal touch.

Woman adding workout accessories onto a pegboard.

Organize Accessories on a Peg Board

Alexandra turned to IKEA’s versatile SKÅDIS pegboard for small, awkward items like exercise bands and small weights. The beauty of a pegboard is in its functionality; you can customize it with hooks and shelves to store just about anything.

Alexandra used IKEA SKÅDIS hooks to hang workout bands, a jump rope, and a towel. By placing two hooks side by side, she was also able to create dedicated spots for hand weights and a roller.


To store massage roller balls, Alexandra used the IKEA SKÅDIS shelf, which features a high edge to keep items in place.

The IKEA SKÅDIS elastic cord was the final piece for this pegboard, to keep a workout routine or motivational mantra on display!

Create a Place for Every Item

The key to creating an organized, efficient workout space is ensuring there is a place for every item to live. Nothing says “mess” like items laying on the floor.

Chic storage baskets are a simple and affordable solution for avoiding clutter. The IKEA SNIDAD basket has a beautiful looped design, making it a pleasing addition to any space.

More importantly, it’s big enough to house items like rolled workout towels, yoga mats, and spare runners.

You would be amazed at how much a storage basket can help tidy and transform a space!

A wall with pink removeable wallpaper a neon sign, a pegboard and white shelf.

With these clever storage solutions and inspiring design ideas, you can create a fun and functional home gym anywhere in your home.

For more affordable storage solutions for your small space, visit

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