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Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Every Budget

A modern white bathtub placed within a glass shower enclosure

There’s something about having your own oasis as a bathroom or powder room that can make a big difference in filling up your “me time” cup. But finding the right balance between ambiance and functionality can be a challenge, especially under constraints like time, money and most of all, space. Small bathroom renovations can be challenging since bathroom fixtures can be large and tough to accommodate if space is a constraint, but it can be done. We’ll show you how with these small bathroom renovation ideas for every budget. 


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Bathroom vanity

1. Peel and Stick to Your Heart’s Desire

If a new backsplash is what you’re after, an easy, cost-efficient and fast solution is to use peel-and-stick tiles. As long as you have the right measurements for your space, you’ll have your new backsplash up and running in no time.

Round bathroom mirror

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One way to add that “wow” factor in your bathroom as well as improve the look or at least the illusion of more space, is installing a large mirror. Not only will a large mirror open up the space, it will help reflect light around the room.

Green bathroom tile

3. Green With Desire

This small bathroom is the perfect example of how to pack a beautiful punch into a small space. The small plumbing fixtures are ideal for the scale of the space while still maintaining functionality. We’re loving the gold fixtures as they add a hint of luxe and work beautifully with the emerald green statement wall. The classic white and black checkered tile actually make the space seem larger than it is. If you can’t do it all, you can pick and choose what you like from this bathroom since there’s so much to choose from.

Shower tile wall


4. Out With the Tub

If your bathing rituals need an upgrade, consider removing the bathtub and adding a shower with a glass partition to open up the space. The floor-to-ceiling tile adds depth and interest as well as expands the space.

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Vanity with offset faucet

5. A Sideways Glance

If vanity space is an issue, consider placing the faucet off to the side. If you can’t find a small enough freestanding faucet, wall-mounted fixtures are an excellent space-saving hack for small spaces.

Subway tile shower with recessed shelf

6. Insert Here

Recessed shelving is a great space-saving practice and can work with any budget. The above niche is tiled, but they don’t necessarily have to be tiled if there are budget constraints. When space is an issue, having objects that stick out can get in the way but a recessed shelf keeps your items organized. 

Minimalistic vanity

7. Not to Be Vain But…

A floating vanity is a great choice in a small space as it has an airy quality that gives the appearance of taking up less space while still providing a functional purpose. It’s also useful to store some cute baskets underneath for extra storage.

Woman in the bathtub

8. Knowing Your Angles

If a new tub is on your wishlist but space is not on your side, there are plenty of options to suit your space. With so many people living in smaller spaces, brands are playing around with scale and angles to fit anywhere. A slipper tub is a great option if you fancy a soak but not the space traditional tubs take up. Angling the tub and utilizing a freestanding faucet can be a creative way around space constraints.

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Double faucet sink

9. Sink About It

If you had lofty dreams of a double sink but your space won’t allow for it, consider a longer sink with two faucets. What you lose in counter space, you’ll make up for in efficiency since two people can be at the sink at the same time.

Shower room with tub

10. Wash Away Your Worries

Everyone deserves an at-home spa but not everyone has the space for it. Enter the bathtub shower combo. We love this version of it with a freestanding tub within the glass partition. It’s a new spin on a traditional space-saving method and we can’t get enough of it.

Bathroom with mini sink

11. That’s a Wrap

This narrow wrap-around vanity, spanning from the mini-sink to above the toilet, is a genius way to maximize counter space. As it’s narrow, it requires less stone work than regular vanities. We’re a fan of anything that’s easy on the eyes and wallet.

Rounded corners

12. Rounded Corners

Another efficient use of space is installing an angled shower so as not to take up an entire wall. There are so many stylish options offered at many different price points. So if a full bathroom is on your wishlist, have no fear, an angled shower is near.

With any of these small bathroom ideas, you can renovate within your space constraints and create the dream bathroom you deserve.

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