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Shop the Kitchen Makeover from ‘Save My Reno’

Shop the Kitchen Makeover from ‘Save My Reno’

Mid-century modern and Victorian may be two different styles, but in this kitchen, we blended them to create an eclectic space with both old world charm and squeaky clean modern lines. It’s all about balance in design! Going with flat-panel white cabinets, light Carrera white quartz counters, and brick-stacked subway tile allowed us to introduce some bolder details such as the encaustic cement tiles and Sarah’s lovely graphic drapes. Forget rules, if you love a few different styles, don’t be afraid to mix them and have some fun so long as you balance it with some simpler elements. Home, after all, is yours to enjoy! In this space, we introduced a variety of materials: brass hardware, stainless steel appliances and wood, but because each material repeats at least once (see how we echoed the walnut shelf with the walnut bar stools, and the brass hardware with the faucet and pendants?), it sings in harmony! Fa-la-la-la!


Dreaming of a kitchen reno of your own? Shop my favourite finds to recreate this heavenly kitchen in your own home.



  1. Barstools
  2. Porcelain Plates
  3. Brass Cage Pendant
  4. Foliage Artwork
  5. Brass Faucet
  6. Blue Graphic Drapes
  7. Cement Tiles
  8. Striped Tea Towels
  9. Milk Glass Decor
  10. Walnut Cutting Board
  11. White apron sink

To see more behind-the-scenes action from this kitchen renovation (including a tasty bagel brunch to celebrate its success!) visit my blog,

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