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Scott McGillivray Brings Bright Design to the Sunset Grove


After purchasing their own cottage through private listing, Natalie and Kevin were ready to have their own family retreat. Also hoping to rent it out to offset costs, they called in Scott McGillvray to do just that. Together, with Debra Salmoni and the rest of his team, they got right to work. Overcoming dated decor, disjointed floor plans, and missing supports is all in a day’s work when you’re bringing light back to the Sunset Grove.


See how the Scott’s Vacation House Rules team turn this cottage into a bright and relaxing getaway, worthy of the name Sunset Grove.

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Dated and compartmentalized cabin interior
HGTV Canada

More Cottage Than Expected

When first arriving at the cottage, it was easy to not arrive at all. Tucked away on an embankment with no indicators from the road, it was easy to miss the driveway. Once found, the property’s layout felt inconsistent and poorly planned. The reason for this, as Scott discovered, was that the building was a cottage, built on top of a cottage, on top of yet another cottage. Over the years the original building had been extended out, mostly without proper foundations. The team built up the missing footings and amalgamated the Russian nesting doll cottage into one great space.

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Bright beautiful interior of the Sunset Grove
HGTV Canada

On-Brand Aesthetics

Being that the property was Western facing on the lake, guests would have a front row seat to spectacular sunsets. Debra chose a colour palette reflective of that: Pink, orange and turquoise. This made the space feel like a natural extension of the properties’ already gorgeous setting.

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Large dock on the lake of Sunset Grove
HGTV Canada

Clocked Out and Docked Out

As important as it is to make your interior comfortable, it’s just as important outside. Scott and the team wanted to maximize the enjoyment Natalie, Kevin, and their guests got out of the property. The best way to do that was by adding amenities throughout. A hot tub, new fire pit, and a spacious dock were all added so that guests and family could enjoy time there any way they liked. Now, the Sunset Grove is set up so you never miss the view.

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