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Sarah Richardson’s 10 Design Tips: The Living Room and Entryway

Sarah Richardson’s 10 Design Tips: The Living Room and Entryway

Sarah Richardson's 10 Design Tips: The Living Room and Entryway


Here are 10 tips for tackling some common living room design problems with ease:

  1. Open-concept requires consistent flooring and finishes throughout. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, consistency makes the rooms appear more spacious.
  1. Stone flooring is a practical choice for a home’s entryway. It’s easy to clean and durable.
  1. Replace old stained glass windows that do not work. New, energy-efficient windows infuse a dark space with light and benefit your energy budget.
  1. Hire professionals if removing old radiators. If they are being kept, find a creative way to cover then without losing energy efficiency.
  1. Small rooms don’t require small-scale furnishings. Large pieces can make a room live larger.
  1. Consider moving the hearth of a fireplace up to a comfortable eye level. Ask a professional if a new gas-powered fireplace is an option.
  1. A good lighting plan is important for all areas of an entryway and living room, well thought-out and located fixtures add atmosphere and safety.
  1. Old broadloom is a giant sponge for dirt and odours. Consider removing and refinishing hardwood underneath. 
  1. Figure out placement for your technological needs like Internet, TV and stereo cables before hanging drywall.
  1. Devise ways of incorporating unused space in the foyer into useable living room space. 

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