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Ask Sarah Richardson: Updating Older Exposed Brick

Ask Sarah Richardson: Updating Older Exposed Brick

Exposed brick isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Depending on the colour, it can appear incredibly outdated and darken a room.


We asked readers to send in their most pressing design questions for Sarah Richardson, host of Real Potential, and Facebook fan Lisa McBride Roberts asked, “Our family room measures 10 x 24 and there is a brick wall with a protruding fireplace on the long wall. Entirely brick and it really makes the room depressing not to mention the fireplace limits furniture placement. I know the fireplace can’t be taken out, but what can we do to the brick to “hide” it? Paint? Drywall over it?”

Jasmine's Livingroom

Sarah Richardson replied, “The cheapest and fastest interim solution is to just paint it. It’s easy to do, and for the cost of a gallon or two of paint, you’ll know whether you can live with it spruced up a bit with paint, or whether you actually need to invest in a more expensive and dramatic solution. Chances are, if you paint it white, cream or pale grey, it will stop being such an eyesore. Invest in buying some art that you love to put on top of the brick and focus on making the rest of the room the best it can be. You may not even notice the wall once it’s painted out and you love everything else.”

Check out Sarah’s renovated exposed brick, featured above, in episode thirteen of Real Potential.

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