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10 Marketing Techniques Real Estate Agents Should Know in 2022

Alex K. Liang real estate agent headshot
Alex K. Liang

Marketing is a fundamental skill that all real estate agents need in 2022. Whether it’s social media marketing, personal branding or traditional marketing, agents enlist techniques to grow their audiences, generate new leads and promote their own professional brands. When it comes to marketing for the Canadian market, fewer are more adept than real estate advisor Alex K. Liang. Liang uses his background as a social media influencer (and audience of hundreds of thousands of followers) to stay on the cutting edge of the latest marketing techniques. Now he works as a luxury real estate broker in one of Canada’s hottest markets, Vancouver. We spoke with Liang about his learnings as a pioneer of digital and social media marketing and he shared some of the top marketing techniques that real estate agents should employ in 2022.


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1) Create Value for Your Audience

It’s important to create value so there’s a reason to follow you on social media, Liang advises. Create posts that offer market insights in layman’s terms with callouts that invite further conversation. Invite conversation and open the door for your followers to suggest specific reports or insights about their neighbourhood.


2) Connect Over Personal Interests

Don’t underestimate the power of a personal brand that’s authentic. For a real estate agent starting out, build a personal brand and post content that’s unique to you. “It’s one of those things where over time you build a relationship [with your audience] and people feel that they know you or connect with you for various reasons. Keep bringing people along on a journey.”

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3) Engage With and Learn More About Your Audience

Stories are a great way to drive conversation and learn more about your audience, Liang tells us. Polls, sliders and AMAs can encourage responses that will help you glean more about your audience’s interests (like light kitchens or dark!). “Having people vote on things that they like in homes is also a great way to see what people are favouring.”


4) Prioritize the Platforms Your Audience Uses

When creating a digital marketing plan, think about the social media platforms that your target audience is on and prioritize creating content on those. “Facebook and Instagram are great because people who are in the age range that use those platforms are more into property buying.” Liang recommends leaning into TikTok if you’re after a younger demographic or looking to drive traffic back to Instagram.


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5) Sharp Photography is a Worthwhile Investment

It’s essential to work with the right media teams to get content that really showcases the property. Liang recommends creating custom media plans that let each property shine. “Drone photography is cool, but sometimes it’s irrelevant to a property,” Liang says (though if it’s a waterfront property, he says you’ll want to show the full picture). “Photography is one of the biggest things and investing in that brings returns of how much interest in generated.”

6) Favour Video On Social Media

Most social media platforms favour video content, so you’ll put yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t have video content to share, Liang says. It also provides a more cinematic look that helps sell a property. “It’s the magic of moments, time of day and everything you get to see in that video that you wouldn’t in a picture.”

7) Make Yourself Easy to Reach

It may sound obvious, but ensure that your contact details are easily accessible. People have a short attention span online and you don’t want to lose potential clients by making yourself hard to reach. Include your contact information on your social media profile and on posts so that you can turn those likes into customer conversions.



8) Leverage Your Real Estate Network

This is particularly helpful in British Columbia where brokers can’t double end a deal (though they can in Ontario, Liang notes). For newer agents, co-listing is a great option. In general, Liang recommends aligning yourself with other people who are successful and doing great things online. “Following each other, supporting each other’s listing and sales—just being really supportive and everyone wins.”


9) Luxury Marketing is in the Details

Liang describes luxury as “detail-oriented” and recommends making sure all your marketing materials (print to digital) are aligned and polished. “Think about your brand, and the brand of the brokerage and the brand of the property and presenting and showcasing it in a way that’s truly elevated.”

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10) Price Point Determines Quantity, Not Quality of Marketing

Finally, Liang shares that real estate agents should stay true to their brand and deliver consistent, polished results regardless of price point. “Whether it’s a $500,000 condo or a $50 million spectacular Whistler property, it’s the same level of service and marketing. Maybe not [the same] quantity of marketing and advertising, but it’s the same level.”

Images courtesy of Alex K. Liang and shared with permission.

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