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How You Can Get on the Property Brothers’ New Show, Forever Home!

How You Can Get on the Property Brothers’ New Show, Forever Home!

Everyone’s favourite twins are back – and this time they’re on a mission to help families across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) transform their houses into forever homes. On their new series, Property Brothers: Forever Home, Drew and Jonathan Scott will tackle full-scale renovations and demo hurdles to deliver houses that exceed homeowners’ wildest expectations.


In order to do that, though, the dynamic duo needs your help.

The casting process for Forever Home is currently underway and the brothers are looking for homeowners that, according to Drew, are ready and eager to get down to work. “The best homeowners for the show are positive and energetic and have a story to tell about why they love their house and why it’s their forever home,” he says.

If you own property in Mississauga, Etobicoke or North York, then you’re eligible to fill out an online application to potentially have your house featured on Property Brothers: Forever Home. And, unlike in their original series, the Scott twins’ new clients will know from the start that their home is “the one” where they can confidently put down roots. “Our transformations will have to withstand the test of time,” Drew says of the high-pressure stakes this time around. “These are renovations that our homeowners need to love for the next 10, 20, 30 years.”

In each hour-long episode, Jonathan and Drew will transform four key spaces that are in need of a total overhaul while meeting the homeowners’ needs and desires – and it doesn’t matter how long they’ve lived there. “Whether you’ve owned your house for six days or 60 years, you are eligible,” Drew says.

“We work fast, with most projects taking five to seven weeks from start to finish,” he continues. “We have very high standards and you’re getting our more than 20 years of design experience. Our transformations are completely move-in ready – including construction, design and all the bells and whistles. How many contractors can offer that?”

As for what their clients will be looking for on Forever Homes, Jonathan gives us his prediction: “We see a lot of people today looking for ways to spend more time together. So creating more multi-purpose spaces within the home, like a movie room or game room, is a cool thing to see.”


Audiences will also see a greater demand for more outdoor space. Jonathan, in particular, thinks it’ll become a common trend from clients this time around. “A lot of people we meet think it’s a great idea for a forever home to extend its indoor living space outside,” he says. “It’s a great way to add livable square footage without having to do an addition to the home. It’s a lot more cost-effective.”

If you’re a huge (but camera-shy) fan of the Property Brothers and find yourself hesitating before hitting Send on that application form, fear not! Drew and Jonathan are used to working with people who have never appeared on television before. “If you’ve watched our shows, you’ll know that we do everything we can to make the process fun and stress-free,” Drew says. “The best advice is to just be yourself and have fun. Often, by the final day of filming, our homeowners are so comfortable on camera that they’re ready for their own shows.”

Although the brothers have no idea how many applicants they will ultimately interview for a coveted role on their new series, they do know exactly what they are looking for in a client. “Homeowners that are great at communicating exactly what they are looking for, but are still able to hand over the reins to us, always have the best results,” says Drew. “We are looking for authentic people with authentic stories. We want to encourage everyone to apply.”

If you’re located in Mississauga, Etobicoke or North York, you can find casting information at Property Brothers: Forever Home premieres on HGTV Canada this summer.


Photos courtesy of Property Brothers: Forever Home.

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