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These Power and Garden Tools Are a Must for Summer


The lawn is getting longer, those weeds need pulling and you have already made a few trips to the garden centre in anticipation of the raised garden bed you’re building this weekend. Summer is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to take stock of your power tools and garden gadgets. After all, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right — and with the right tools. In partnership with Home Hardware, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to keep your property and projects in check this summer.


What Is a Power Tool and Why Are They Handy?

Power tools are what their title implies: powered by a power source, such as electricity, gas or battery. They can also be powered by compressed air. Power tools are great for completing a job faster since they reduce manual labour and increase efficiency. They are also handy for heavy-duty or specialized jobs and can help avoid injuries that could occur when attempting a tough or dangerous job by hand.

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What Are Some Examples of Power Tools?

Common power tools include saws (circular, jig, miter), power drills, drivers, angle grinders and electric sanders. Meanwhile, power lawnmowers, blowers, and trimmers are also essential outdoor power tools.

What Is the Best Make of Power Tools?

There are many brands of power tools on the market, so it’s essential to do your research. If you’re low on storage space, invest in power tools that can complete various indoor and outdoor tasks. You may also want to consider tools that work together or use a universal battery or power source.

You also don’t need to buy the most expensive power tools to get the job done. Reliable and budget-friendly options, like Benchmark power tools, offer solid performance and durability.

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What Are Some Essential Power Tools?

Battery pack for power tools
Home Hardware

There are many power tools to choose from, but beginner to intermediate home users should consider these four Benchmark power tools to start. Available at Home Hardware, they all work with the universal 20V Omega Battery System. The system, which powers all compatible Benchmark and power tools, features zero memory loss and a slower loss of battery charge when not in use. Having an integrated battery system allows you to move seamlessly from one project and tool to the next. Take a look as Kenny Brain expertly builds a versatile garden box using Benchmark’s power tools, made even easier with one of their universal batteries.

Benchmark Cordless Drill Driver

Man using power drill
Home Hardware

You can use power drills to quickly create holes in a variety of surfaces, while drivers are great for fastening screws and bolts and are less likely to strip your fastener. This drill-driver combo does both tasks with one cordless machine. Plus, it’s lightweight and has an LED spotlight to get a clear view of your project.

You can use it to hang shelves or curtains, replace cabinet hardware or drawer slides or complete small at-home projects. Some social media users have also used an auger bit on their power tool to drill holes into compact dirt to quickly plant flower bulbs.

Benchmark 20V Max 1/2” Cordless Drill Driver Kit, Home Hardware, $135.

Benchmark Circular Saw

Man using a circular saw
Home Hardware

Circular saws quickly cut materials like wood, plastic and metal, completing projects faster. This saw is usually best for woodworking, though. You can use it to build shelves, fences, frames or put together outdoor planters.

This circular saw is lightweight and easy to use, with aluminum upper and lower guards for safety. The footplate is adjustable, and it includes a sightline blower so you can make more precise cuts. There’s also a removable dust chute to minimize mess.


Benchmark 20V Max 7-1/4” Circular Saw, Home Hardware, $100.

Benchmark Max Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Man using reciprocating saw
Home Hardware

Reciprocating saws are often used for demolition and renovation projects. They’re advantageous because they’re portable and lightweight. You can use them for various tasks, like cutting nails and frames, plumbing etc, creating notches or even trimming branches outside.

They can also cut through a wide range of materials, from metal to plastic. This heavy-duty reciprocating saw has variable speeds for maximum control and ergonomic grips to minimize user fatigue.

Benchmark 20V Max Cordless Reciprocating Saw, Home Hardware, $55.

Benchmark Cordless Brad Nail & Staple Gun

Nail gun
Home Hardware

If you have a project that requires a lot of nails or staples, this power tool is quite helpful. Use it for trim (baseboards, window casings and crown molding), building shelves and cabinetry, assembling planter boxes or even securing upholstery.

Brad models shoot smaller nails and staples required for delicate and lightweight projects, making them a home handy person’s best friend. Benchmark’s model can drive up to 2” nails or staples from its narrow body, which allows you to easily position it, even in tight corners. There’s also a safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing and an LED work light to maximize visibility.

Benchmark 20V Cordless Brad Nail & Staple Gun – 18 Gauge, Home Hardware, $280.

 What Are Some Essential Power Garden Tools?

Keep your yard trim and tidy all summer long by working smarter, not harder with these essential Benchmark power tools from Home Hardware Canada. They each work with the universal 20V Omega Battery System, helping you jump from task to task with ease. Watch the video above as Kenny Brain makes yard maintenance look like a walk in the park thanks to a variety of Benchmark garden power tools.

Benchmark Cordless Lawn Mower

Man using lawn mower
Home Hardware


This powerful lawn mower features a 1,000W brushless motor and a two-in-one design that allows mulching or rear-bagging options. It comes with six cut-height adjustments for the perfect cut, foam handles for maximum comfort and a safety bail and overload protection to ensure overall safety. It can collect up to 50 litres of grass at a time, and charges in just over two hours.

Benchmark 19.3” Cordless Lawn Mower – 40V Max, Home Hardware, $350.

Benchmark Cordless Lawn Trimmer

Man using weed wacker
Home Hardware

This fast-loading, dual-line spool trimmer knocks down overgrown grass and awkward corners in a flash. With its 15” swath and powerful brushless motor, you can tackle broad sections at a time without overexerting your arms. It has a retractable guard to protect those flowerbeds and two speeds for custom work.

Benchmark 15” Cordless Lawn Trimmer – 40V, Home Hardware, $250.

Benchmark Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Man using trim hedger
Home Hardware

Embrace the art of hedge and bush maintenance with this powerful hedge trimmer. Its brushless motor and dual-action, 22” blade cut through thick foliage. You can also use it to cut down dry weeds and overgrowth, prune perennials and eliminate tiny branches. The tool features a full, wrap-around handle with a safety switch on three sides and upgraded bearings for longer life.

Benchmark 22″ Cordless Hedge Trimmer – 20V Max, Home Hardware, $180.


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