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Personalize Gift-Giving With a DIY Monogrammed Tote (the Most Romantic Trend of 2020)

Personalize Gift-Giving With a DIY Monogrammed Tote (the Most Romantic Trend of 2020)

Valentine’s Day, oh Valentine’s Day…it’s quite possibly the most challenging gift-giving holiday of the year (how much do you spend? How intimate do you go? The opportunities to fail are endless!). Thankfully, we’ve created the most perfectly thoughtful and sweet gift that navigates all relationships: DIY monograms! It’s a) personal, b) practical and c) pretty cute. And you can apply this DIY technique to all kinds of everyday items (totes, water bottles, sunglass cases), so no matter your recipient, this gift will be treasured for years to come (even if the relationship doesn’t make it to next year’s Valentine’s Day…). Scroll on for the full step-by-step instructions to make your own DIY monogrammed tote.


Watch: How to Make Your Own DIY Monogrammed Tote

Materials for a DIY Monogrammed Tote

To make this DIY monogrammed tote you’ll need a fabric tote bag, letter stencils, tape, paint, and a foam pouncer.

Step One: Apply Your Stencil

After smoothing out your tote bag, lay your stencil wherever you’d like the monogram to appear.

Step Two: Tape Your Stencil in Place

Tape your stencil in place to ensure it doesn’t move.

Step Three: Paint Over the Stencil

Apply paint with your pouncer, using an up-and-down motion (not a brush stroke, which might spread paint under the stencil). You can hold the stencil in place with your other hand to ensure that, even with the tape, the stencil doesn’t move.

Watch: How to Make Your Own DIY Monogrammed Tote

Step Four: Remove the Stencil

Remove the stencil carefully while the paint is still wet. Allow your monogram to dry completely before gifting or using your personalized DIY tote.


Once you start monogramming, the options are endless. Personalize water bottles, sunglass cases, notebooks…whatever you can get your hands on. And think creatively when selecting paint colours for each project. Below, orange paint on a red notebook is a fresh and fun spin on Valentine’s Day colours and a white monogram on a heather grey sunglass case feels ultra modern.

Watch: How to Make Your Own DIY Monogrammed Tote

Visit our HGTV Canada Pinterest account for even more DIY and design inspiration (like this handmade Candy Crush Valentine’s Day Checkerboard Card).

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