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The Perfect Range Hoods for Open Concept Kitchens

An open concept kitchen with an island range and a flush mount range hood above
Victory Range Hoods

When designing your dream open-concept kitchen, it’s important to consider function and style equally. One of the key challenges in making small or large updates to your cooking area is choosing appliances that work with your design instead of standing out as an eyesore. This is especially true if you’ve chosen an open-concept kitchen that prioritizes a contemporary look and open space.


Take the range hood. It’s an essential appliance for your kitchen, particularly if you have a gas cooktop. A kitchen range hood serves several functions: it removes smoke, steam, heat and odours, allowing for better visibility and a more pleasant cooking experience. What it shouldn’t do? Block your eyeline, come with a difficult and costly installation or be a loud nuisance to use.

To set you on the right path, here’s everything you should consider before your kitchen renovation begins to make the perfect choice in a range hood.

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The Best Range Hood for an Open-Concept Kitchen

There are plenty of styles of range hoods to choose from — some popular types include under-cabinet range hoods, microwave range goods, wall-mounted range hoods or ductless range hoods, to name a few. These types may work well if your cooktop is against a wall, but they’re often bulkier than some homeowners would prefer for their open-concept kitchen.

If you’re looking for something more discreet that preserves the overall view and look of your kitchen, a flush ceiling mount range hood is your best option.

How Flush Ceiling Range Hoods Work

Designed to be the perfect range option for a kitchen island, Victory Range Hoods line of Canadian-made flush ceiling range hoods are installed between ceiling joists to make for a more convenient install (which any homeowner living through a reno can appreciate!). The brushed stainless steel door hides filters that create a powerful vacuum suction to whisk away airborne kitchen odours, smoke and steam which are then filtered and expelled via ducts.

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Benefits of Flush Ceiling Range Hoods

If you’re considering purchasing a flush ceiling range hood, let’s take a closer look at some of their many benefits.

Keeps Your Kitchen Views in View

A flush ceiling range hood alleviates one of the biggest kitchen renovation fears of blocking views and negating the hard work of creating an open-concept kitchen. Unlike suspended range hoods that hang down and block views, a flush ceiling range hood allows for a clear eyeline.

A gleaming white modern kitchen featuring the Victory Horizon model from Victory Range Hoods
Victory Range Hoods

This will make a world of difference for open-concept kitchens in general, but especially when an island cooktop comes into play. The Victory Horizon from Victory Range Hoods offers a true flush design in a brushed stainless steel finish. You’ll get skyline views, with no visual compromise.

900 CFM Powerful Flush Ceiling Range Hood – Victory Horizon, Victory Range Hoods, $2,199.

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Fits Your Modern and Contemporary Kitchen Design

Clean lines and a minimalist design aesthetic make for a modern design that fits well with an open-concept kitchen. To complement that, the Victory Horizon Glow features a crisp minimalist look with the bonus of function, too. Opt for the ambient LED backlit model for a dimmable glow.

900 CFM Flush Ceiling Hood with Ambient LED Backlight – Victory Horizon-Glow, Victory Range Hoods, $2,399.

Powerful and Quiet

Flush ceiling range hoods are considerably more energy efficient than downdraft range hoods, making them a great choice for energy-conscious homeowners. Victory Range Hoods’ line comes in either a powerful 600 or 900 CFM (cubic feet metre, AKA the range’s ventilation power), yet it’s surprisingly quiet so you can cook in peace. For even more power, in the case of some models like the Victory Sky, a 1,000 CFM remote blower can be included.

A clean modern kitchen with a sleek brushed metallic flat mount range kitchen hood
Victory Range Hoods


Ceiling Mounted Recessed Range Hood – Victory Sky, Victory Range Hoods, $2,599.

Easier Installation — No Reframing Necessary

We know anyone taking on the installation of their flush ceiling range will appreciate this one. A typical range hood installation will vary based on how it’s mounted, with many flush ceiling range fans requiring reframing. However, Victory Range Hoods’ products (like the Victory Sunset) are unique in that they install between ceiling joists where they can be exhausted either horizontally or vertically.

A product shot of the Victory Sunset range hood
Victory Range Hoods

Flush Ceiling Mount Range Hood – Victory Sunset, Victory Range Hoods, $1,899.

Canadian-Designed and Made

Not only do they preserve the look of your kitchen, but you can also feel confident in your purchase knowing that by purchasing a Victory Range Hood, you’ll be supporting a Canadian-designed and made product.

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