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How to Transform an Old Board Game Into a Stylish Masterpiece

How to Transform an Old Board Game Into a Stylish Masterpiece
Maca Atencio

Board games are a timeless source of entertainment at home, but often their covers are outdated, become worn out or simply don’t fit your home’s aesthetic. Instead of tossing them away, give the boxes a fresh facelift with this simple DIY project. Are you as excited as we are? Let’s do this!


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Maca Atencio

Materials Required: 

  • Old board game boxes (e.g. Clue, Monopoly, Architek, etc.)
  • Spray paint in your desired colours
  • Cricut machine (we recommend Cricut Maker)
  • Vinyl sheets in different colours
  • Cricut transfer tape
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drop cloth for protecting your surfaces

Maca Atencio

Step 1: Prep and Paint

Before we dive into the project, set yourself up in a well-ventilated area to spray paint the board game boxes. Lay down a drop cloth to protect your surface from the paint overspray, and shake your cans for at least one minute. Wipe down the dust from the board game covers, and start painting.

Hold the can about six inches away from the box and spray in smooth, linear strokes to avoid any drips. Let dry to the touch (at least two hours).

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Maca Atencio

Step 2: Design and Cut

While the board game covers are drying, open Cricut Design Space (a free design app that connects to any Cricut machine) to create a design for each board game. Be creative! Play with new fonts, graphics and colours to match your home decor and personality.

Measure the dimensions of each box to ensure your designs will fit perfectly.

Load the vinyl sheets into your Cricut machine and start cutting out the designs. Once the cutting is complete, weed out any excess vinyl, and use transfer tape for each design.

Maca Atencio

Step 3: Transfer New Designs

Lastly, position your transfer tape with the vinyl design onto the painted board game cover, ensuring it’s aligned and centred properly to each box dimension. Press down firmly directly onto the transfer tape and carefully peel it away, leaving the vinyl design adhered to the new cover.


Repeat this step for each board game box, and voila! You can now admire your hard work and enjoy your newly transformed board game collection.

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Maca Atencio

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