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Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis is a sweet-talking, hammer-swinging whirlwind. The Detroit native is a licensed realtor and interior designer with a passion for restoring and preserving old houses. She's been remodeling houses for 15 years beginning with her own property investments in Minneapolis and Tampa, Fla., and later in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Nikki uses her eclectic style to create high-end details on a budget. She shops discount stores, flea markets and reuse centers for interesting elements that give each restoration a personality as unique as her own. On her new seriesĀ Rehab Addict, Nikki finds old houses that were once the pride of the neighborhood but have fallen on hard times. With help from her family, she restores a house that was ready for the wrecking ball to its former glory.

If you’ve seen you’re likely hooked. And you also probably want to know a little bit more about lovable host and...
August 21, 2015