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This Primary Bedroom Will Teach You How to Go Big Without Going Bold

This Primary Bedroom Will Teach You How to Go Big Without Going Bold

Sometimes a designer is given a brief that fits so perfectly with a room that their job becomes a breeze. This was the case for Calgary-based interior designer Katie Rioux of DWK Interiors. After building a close relationship with the homeowners by working on their previous abode, she was a natural choice for this fresh new space.


The master bedroom was already designed so thoughtfully that Katie describes it as “one of those spaces where it looks beautiful even with nothing in it.” The owners had mentioned they wanted the room to feel like a luxury hotel, and the designer found the execution to be fairly simple given that all the structural components were already there.

Upon entering the room, you’ll notice a big glass window that looks into the deluxe ensuite. As you walk deeper inside, you’re greeted by a generously sized room that has space for a bed with the option of a lounge area.

master-2 master-4

Photography: Lindsay Nichols

The homeowners wanted their room to be unique, so standout pieces were a must. The idea of an upholstered headboard was thrown out there, but the trend has become so common that they wanted something more unique. With an idea in mind, Katie suggested doing something a little outside the box. That’s where the shiny chrome four-poster bed came into play.


“The bed was our starting point, and from there it was about selecting items that would tone it down, because the chrome frame makes the space and takes over the room,” Katie says. “We wanted to create a focal point as you enter the room. The patterned wallpaper on the one wall helps achieve this too – it’s subtle but still makes enough of a statement without taking away from the bed.”

As the room started to take shape, the hunt was on for furniture and accessories to complement the bed. Katie and the homeowners agreed to keep the room as minimal as possible, so oversized elements were essential to fill up the space.



“We mirrored the bed with these oversized nightstands. They’re probably 36 inches wide and are crafted from bonded leather, which is a beautiful detail. Because the bed is a shiny chrome, I definitely wanted to bring in some rustic elements. The brass nail heads, and even the bonded leather, help tone down the bling of the bed.”

The only problem area in the room was the position of the chandelier. “Before, when you walked into the room, it was confusing: Do you look at the bed? Do you look at the light fixture? You couldn’t really see both at the same time,” says the designer.  “The builder put the fixture in the center of the room, but because we added the 4-poster bed, the light was quite close, so we had to drag it over because it was a bit distracting to the eye.”


When it came to the colour story, the only brief Katie received was to employ a pastel palette. The designer introduced light tones through soft pink and coral accents, but when it came to everything else, she kept it fresh and white. “It’s a very white bedroom, so I wanted to make it cozier by bringing in cream tones, as seen in the wallpaper. The nightstands are also an off-white, then the bedding is very white. I think that’s just my way of creating that warmth and comfort. Especially because the space has such a modern feel.”



Budget Breakdown:
In the end, Katie estimates the room cost around $13,000 for all of the structural elements, and then another $1,500 for the accessories.

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