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Perform a $100 Makeover Miracle With the Masters of Flip Hosts

Korntey and Dave Wilson
Korntey and Dave Wilson have a new book out, Live Happy.

Masters of Flip hosts Kortney and Dave Wilson have just released a new book! Live Happy is full of fresh and fun tips on how to make your house a home. Below is an excerpt of Kortney’s five-step approach to give your home a makeover that won’t cost you a fortune! The latest season of Masters of Flip is now airing on HGTV Canada.


As much as I love a gut-to-the-studs renovation, sometimes a mini makeover is all I need to maximize my enjoyment of a space. While not everyone embraces change as wholeheartedly as I do, most people will at least admit that a room refresh feels good for the soul. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, expensive, or time-consuming either. In fact, I do this in my own home a couple of times a year.

1. Declutter

organized kitchen

Old magazines on the coffee table? Recycle them. Nine thousand packs of soy sauce in the utensil drawer? Sayonara. Be ruthless with the room you choose. Fill a bag to the brim and feel the stress leaving your body.

2. Paint

Have I mentioned the transformative power of paint? Even a fresh coat of white on the baseboards can work wonders-but if you’re headed to the paint store anyway, why not try a new shade on for size? Choose a color that coordinates with your existing furniture, though, or you’ll have more than a mini makeover on your hands.

3. Stage/Rearrange

Not every space can accommodate a complete reconfiguration of existing furniture. In some rooms there will be only one logical place to put a sofa. That doesn’t mean you have to skip this step altogether. Cast a critical eye over your current setup and consider what would happen if you rotated the whole thing a quarter turn clockwise. This forces you to envision every element in a different location. Not all of it will work, of course, but you’re almost guaranteed to get ideas. Moving that one lamp or swapping those side tables could breathe new life into the room and lets you experience it in a whole new way.

4. Accessorize

Never underestimate the power of a blanket, some throw pillows, and a pretty potted plant. I call this combo the $100 makeover miracle, because even without steps 2 and 3 (sorry, friends, but the decluttering step is nonnegotiable), these three items-in a color you’ve never considered before-can make a room feel like new.


5. Light

An office with an accent lightCould your space stand to be brighter? Up the wattage or add a new accent lamp. Or maybe a moodier vibe would make the room more appealing, in which case you might dim the ambient lights and bring the accent lamps in from the far corners, closer to the furniture configuration.

From Live Happy by Kortney & Dave Wilson © 2019. Published by HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved.

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