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Kitchen Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home for 2023 and Beyond

Kitchen Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home for 2023 and Beyond

Whether you’re thinking about tackling a DIY kitchen refresh or you’ve been budgeting for a reveal-worthy major kitchen renovation, the underlying goal of any kitchen reno is simple: you want to find kitchen upgrades that add value, while also boosting your home’s functionality, style, and comfort. Sounds easy enough, right?


While it’s hard to calculate the exact return on investment of any home reno, certain projects are more likely than others to add value to a kitchen. To help narrow the potential reno-project field, financial tech company Credello recently rounded up their picks for the best kitchen updates for boosting your home’s value right now.

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Renewed Kitchen Cabinets

Most people agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but what’s the heart of the kitchen? It’s all about the cabinets. Cabinets offer essential functions (AKA storage) while making a major visual impact in your culinary space – so updating them can make a big difference in boosting the value of your kitchen.

Which style of kitchen cabinets will give you the best return on investment? If you have very old or out-of-date cabinets, it’s a good idea first to familiarize yourself with the latest kitchen trends to see what people are loving right now. For the most value-boosting potential, Credello suggests opting for cabinetry in neutral tones. And, if budget allows, going for laminate or veneer over particle board will likely return better value.

Also, while new, custom kitchen cabinets are one way to ensure you get the exact look you want – depending on the condition, layout, and style of your existing cabinets – you may be able to refinish or paint them for a more budget-friendly kitchen update.

White kitchen tiles with wooden countertop and black oven head

Updated Kitchen Countertops

Similar to kitchen cabinets, countertops are a kitchen remodel project that can visually transform your space. While many people assume that choosing new countertops is all about quartz vs. granite, Credello notes that 2023 countertop trends are leaning closer to industrial-chic aesthetics that appeal to Millennial and Gen Z home buyers – so consider options like concrete countertops, stainless steel countertops, or wooden countertops.


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Kitchen Upgrades That Add Value: New Cabinet Hardware

Swapping out cabinet hardware is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to boost your kitchen’s value – and it’s often a project that you can DIY. When it comes to the best style of cabinet hardware for ROI, opt for metallic tones like copper, bronze or brushed silver.

Smart and Energy-Saving Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to kitchen upgrades that add value, it’s hard to go wrong with new kitchen appliances – especially if you have very old and inefficient models. Many new kitchen appliances are more energy efficient (which means they offer ongoing value by keeping energy bills lower) and offer smart capabilities and app connections (think: an oven that can let you know when it’s preheated or a dishwasher that can tell you when it’s done) that appeal to many of today’s homebuyers.

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Motion-Sensor Features

High-tech and electronic upgrades like motion sensor lights and faucets are among the top kitchen renovation trends for homeowners this year and with good reason. Motion-sensor lights help save energy (turning on lights only when someone needs them), while a motion-activated kitchen faucet makes it easier to keep the faucet clean from grime and bacteria when washing up while cooking.

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