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Tiffany Pratt Makes Personalizing a DIY Painted Cake Easy With This Clever Trick!

Tiffany Pratt Makes Personalizing a DIY Painted Cake Easy With This Clever Trick!

I love little ideas that allow me to bring a personal touch and some handmade love to a project. Now, traditionally my skill set starts and stops with crafting-but this time (although I am not a cook or baker) I have attempted to bake a cake out of one of those boxed cake mixes, and I have returned a hero! I then rolled out ready-made white fondant and prepared myself an edible canvas. Did you know that you can buy markers that were made specifically to draw on edibles? Well, once I discovered them, all I wanted to do was make a cake! This idea is perfect for birthday parties, ladies’ nights and special occasions that can involve the whole family. Get the kids, grab your friends! It is time to draw on a cake!


What you are going to need to make your edible cake art:

  • Boxed cake mix + required ingredients (or you can make your own from scratch)
  • Boxed and ready-made fondant
  • Rolling pin
  • Cake Markers (jump online to find these!)

Step One: Bake Your Cake

Bake a cake in whatever size or shape that you would like. Be sure to follow the instructions on the box and gather all the items required to mix it up and bake. Let the cake cool after the baking is complete. This is very important! You do not want to put fondant on a warm cake, as it will melt off.

Step Two: Place the Fondant on the Cake

Roll out some ready-made white fondant into a nice thin layer in an even circular shape. Once you have rolled it into the circumference that will completely cover your cake-wrap the fondant around your rolling pin and lay it over the cake to cover it completely.

EXTRA: You can take the excess white fondant and roll it into little balls to place around the unfinished edge of the cake. Not only does it take care of waste, but it looks so effortlessly fancy and cute!

Step Three: Draw On Your Cake


This is the best and most fun part: You can have a plan! You can just scribble and have fun like I did. You can write names on it-you can draw a specific pattern or image. The sky’s the limit, and you can involve the whole family. Everything about this DIY is super fun, super sweet and super safe!

In the end, this DIY does not cost much, but it provides so much entertainment and tasty fun. I love that there are no rules and every result will look so personal and cute. I also love doing things that are uncommon and feel sort of naughty! Have you ever coloured on a cake before? I don’t think so! Go whip up this little vanilla dream Betty Crocker. This DIY will have you drawing like never before, and if you don’t like your work-you can destroy the evidence and hide it in your belly. The best type of art! Edible art!

For more gorgeous DIY projects by Tiffany Pratt, visit’s DIY section


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