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Sebastian Clovis’ Top Picks: 7 Innovative Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Sebastian Clovis
HGTV Canada

Even after countless extreme renovations both on and off screen, that feeling of excitement to discover new and innovative ways to transform homes has never faded. I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to tackle home transformations and with the help of modern technology, we’re seeing innovative design concepts reshape our living spaces like never before.


Join me as we explore the latest (and my favourite) innovations set to revolutionize our future homes. From cutting-edge gadgets to sleek design details, these top-tier products are here to fuel your imagination.

Sebastian Clovis is the host, creator, and Executive Producer of HGTV Canada’s Gut Job. Catch Sebastian on HGTV Canada and watch the full series on STACKTV, available to Stream Live or On-Demand. Try it free today!

Starry sky ceiling in movie room

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings are a design innovation that’s taken Europe by storm and has now arrived in Canada. These ceilings feature a thin, lightweight PVC film, durable yet flexible, mounted on an aluminum track system affixed to existing ceilings or walls. The real magic? The ability to print any image directly onto your ceiling, transforming any room into a haven of positivity and beauty.

While walls often steal the spotlight in interior design, the ceiling is an untapped canvas for creativity. Imagine gazing up at your own personalized sky, adorned with fluffy clouds or a celestial landscape. With stretch ceilings, the possibilities are limitless.

For more products like this starry sky ceiling, visit:

Foglie d’Oro

Nature Inspired Flooring

There’s a growing trend towards incorporating natural elements, textures, and colors into our living spaces. One unexpected way to really bring the great outdoors into your home is through your flooring, but not just any regular wood flooring.

Foglie d’Oro’s exquisite floor tiles are where nature’s beauty meets artistic craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from the organic shapes of flowers, the Petali geometric floor tiles look like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Imagine installing these stunning tiles in a sun-drenched room or a grand entryway, where natural light can dance across their surfaces.


Shop Foglie d’Oro’s signature flooring:

Hemp wool

Hemp Wool Insulation

Personally, I love this one. Hemp wool is a revolutionary thermal insulation product that could change the eco-friendly building game.

It’s available in a panelized, batt-like form, and is versatile enough to be used anywhere in your home, whether it’s your walls, floors, ceilings, or attics. With an insulation factor of R3.7/inch, it stands shoulder to shoulder with other popular insulation options like fiberglass, mineral wool, or sheep’s wool.

But here’s where it gets exciting! Hemp wool has a negative carbon footprint. That’s right, it actually absorbs and stores more carbon dioxide than it emits during manufacturing. Also, it’s non-toxic, mold-resistant, non-irritating, and resistant to pests, among many other perks.

Kick-start your hemp wool insulation journey:

Modern Numi 2.0 toilet

The Ultimate Throne of Luxury

Redefining the bathroom experience, Numi 2.0 is not just a toilet, it’s a symphony of technology and luxury, offering unparalleled features to elevate every moment of, well… you know.

This toilet is a compact, streamlined one-piece smart toilet with integrated personal cleansing, saving you a fortune in toilet paper costs. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into smaller spaces with concealed plumbing, a dual flush option, and a stainless steel wand with adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, and temperature.

What sets Numi 2.0 apart is its personal touch. It has programmable settings for each member of your household, making it a tailored experience.


With the average person spending 180 hours a year in the bathroom, why settle for anything less than a throne fit for royalty?

Shop Kohler’s smart toilets:

Modern refrigerator drawers

Refrigeration on Another Level

Panel-ready appliances have been a lasting trend, and one set to endure. Leading appliance manufacturers offer refrigerators and dishwashers designed to seamlessly blend into your kitchen. But what if you crave an even subtler presence?

How about panel-ready refrigerator drawers. These drawers vanish beneath your counters, adding a touch of luxury to any kitchen, especially those with limited space. With precise temperature control, soft LED lighting, magnetic door seals, and soft-close technology, they combine sophistication with practicality.

Shop designer refrigerator drawers:

Semi-aged brass door hardware
Philip Watts Design

Door Hardware

Elevate your home’s curb appeal with luxurious front door hardware that makes a statement. This Sonne handle by UK designer Philip Watts is a dazzling Art Deco masterpiece.

Now I can’t promise anything, but I bet this handle will actually make people want to come over more often. It exudes elegance with its satin brushed polish and aged patina, promising to leave a lasting impression on every guest who crosses your threshold. Step your front door game up, people!

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Polar Monkeys ice bath
Polar Monkeys

Ice Tub

As a former professional athlete turned home renovator, prioritizing my physical well-being is crucial for success. That’s why I swear by cold plunging, and trust me, I’d indulge even more if I had one of these incredible units.

Enter Polar Monkeys’ Portal 2.0! It’s not just a cold plunge, but a transformative journey to well- being right in the comfort of your home. This state-of-the-art plunge tub requires no plumbing, offering robust cooling, filtration, and sanitation features to deliver crystal-clear, ice-free, perfectly chilled water on demand.


With the ability to cool down to a refreshing 39°F and heat up to 102°F, the Portal 2.0 ensures a versatile and personalized experience tailored to your preferences. Rest assured, your mind and muscles will thank you later.

For more of Sebastian’s expert tips and design ideas, watch Gut Job on HGTV Canada. Stream Live and On-Demand with STACKTV. Try it free today!

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