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How to Make These Cute No-Sew Rope Bowls in 5 Easy Steps

No-sew Rope Bowls: Easy tutorial

Are you in need of a storage solution for the little things around your home? If you’re into easy DIY projects that add a pop of colour to your space then these beautiful no-sew rope bowls are the perfect solution. They serve multiple purposes throughout the home: as serving bowls in the kitchen, storage for small cables in an office and they even work as storage for small items in the bathroom. Take the plunge into the wonderful world of rope bowls with this fun and super easy tutorial that only requires five steps.


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easy no-sew rope bowls materials

Materials Required:

  • Cotton rope 
  • Embroidery floss in different colours
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Old bowls

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step one of no-sew rope bowls tutorial

Step One: Create Your Bowl’s Base

Create the base of your rope bowl by using an old kitchen bowl that will act as a form to shape your future rope bowl. Start by making a tiny spiral with your white rope and placing a generous amount of hot glue onto the rope as you move it around the original spiral in a circular motion.

no-sew rope bowls tutorial step 2

Step Two: Tips to Glue the Rope Correctly

To make the rope bowls, you need to draw a line of hot glue on your white rope. Wait a couple of seconds for the glue to cool slightly, and then start curling it. 

With the help of your popsicle stick, scrape away any excess glue.

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no-sew easy rope bowls tutorial


Step Three:  Add Rope Up the Sides

Start adding the rope up the sides of the bowl by wrapping it more and more around the bowl, using your hot glue gun to secure it in place.

Tip: Press firmly as you go around each time.

No-sew rope bowls with pops of colour

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Step Four: Add Pops of Colour With Embroidery Floss

As you wrap the bowl upwards, you can add the embroidery floss around the white rope, securing it with your hot glue. Get creative with where you add  it. There’s no right or wrong spot.

Easy DIY: no-sew rope bowls

Step Five: Add the Finishing Touches

When you reach the top of your bowl, remove your finished rope bowl from the bowl base. Cut your rope and glue a small loop, tucking it in as much as possible via the hot glue.

No-sew easy rope bowls

Congratulations! You’ve completed your adorable no-sew rope bowls. If you’re making more than one bowl, try to get creative and use fun embroidery floss colours and patterns. Check out the below photos for some inspiration…

Different no-sew rope bowls examples

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no-sew rope bowls easy DIY tutorial no-sew rope bowls in a table

Images courtesy of Maca Atencio


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