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How to Make a DIY Push Pin Pumpkin for Halloween

How to Make a DIY Push Pin Pumpkin for Halloween

To give your no-carve pumpkin a rocker chic vibe this season, try this no-muss, no-fuss DIY push pin pumpkin. It’s simple to create, but makes a hardcore impact.


To make a push pin pumpkin, you will need:

A Stencil and Scissors

Adhesive Dots

White Paint

Push Pins


Step One: Cut Your Stencil

Print a design you’d like to create on your pumpkin and cut out the design (or go free-hand if you dare!). We’ll be using push pins to outline a block letter “H” for Halloween, but there’s really no limit to the designs push pins can create.

Step Two: Affix Stencil to Pumpkin

Using adhesive dots on the back of your stencil, affix it to the pumpkin.

Step Three: Paint Pumpkin and Let Dry

Paint your entire pumpkin, going right over the stencil. We’ve chosen a white paint to contrast with the orange pumpkin and gold push pins, but black would work well, too!

Step Four: Peel Off Stencil

Once your pumpkin is fully dry, peel off the stencil.

Step Five: Pin the Border

Using your gold push pins, outline of the design on your pumpkin to really make it pop!

When placed on a front stoop or table surrounded by candles, the push pins glisten in the dark, and create major Halloween drama.


For more creative DIY ideas, visit the Halloween Guide!

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