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How to Make a Cat House Your Pet Will Never Want to Leave

A furry cat in front of a cardboard cat house
Maca Atencio

Are you looking to spoil your furry friend with a cozy retreat that reflects your own style? Look no further! With just a few leftover materials and a dash of creativity, you can craft a cat house that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.


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Follow these three simple steps to create a chic cat house coffee shop your pet won’t want to leave. After all, they serve the best cat-puccinos.

cutting a cardboard box with an exacto
Maca Atencio

Materials Required:

  • Leftover cardboard boxes
  • Acrylic paint (leftover from previous projects)
  • Paint brush
  • Alphabet letter stickers
  • Hot glue gun and heavy-duty glue sticks
  • Duck tape
  • Acrylic markers
  • Exacto knife
  • Scissors

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attaching alphabet letter stickers to cardboard for a cat house
Maca Atencio

Step 1: Design Your Cat House Theme

First, gather all of the materials you’ll need for this project, raiding your recycling bin for leftover cardboard boxes. Next, sketch out a design for your cat house. For a trendy touch, replicate a local coffee shop vibe by adding details like a coffee menu, fresh bagel menu, store hours and even a cats-only entrance on the side of the house.

a cat house with scallop edges painted in brown
Maca Atencio

Step 2: Assemble and Decorate

Using your exacto knife and scissors, carefully cut the cardboard pieces required for your cat house and assemble them using duck tape and a hot glue gun. Adding a coffee shop window makes this cat house extra cute — just be sure to secure an extra piece of cardboard to the window to create the window’s grab-and-go counter.

To achieve the scalloped-edge design, simply grab any round mug and trace half of the edge with a pencil. Then, slowly cut the shape using an exacto knife. By repeating this step, you’ll create the trendy scalloped design that’s so popular these days.

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coffee menu using alphabet stickers
Maca Atencio


Step 3: Add Super Fun Details

For the last step, it’s time to get creative with all of the fun details. You can use acrylic paint and markers to paint your cat house — we used a brown-pink trendy colour palette with mustard touches.

Personalize your cat house by DIYing a coffee menu, putting alphabet letter stickers all over, adding quirky names and little details like a cats-only entrance, the coffee shop hours and even a “Meow” cafe sign on the front of the house.

Once everything has dried, add a soft blanket (or even some cat nip) inside the cat house to invite your furry friend in for an adventure.

meow cafe detail
Maca Atencio
Open cat cafe with cats in the back
Maca Atencio
Two cats inside a cat cafe
Maca Atencio

How cute is this new cafe-themed cat house? With just a bit of creativity and a few eco-friendly materials, you can create the purrr-fect coffee hangout spot that both you and your pet will never want to leave. Enjoy this fun pet-themed DIY project, friends!

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