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Learn How to Build Your Own Adorable DIY Planter Box for Summer

Easy DIY Planter Box In Just a Few Steps

The time of year for planting and gardening is here! So, we’re sharing with you the perfect hands-on project for the sunny season — a DIY planter box! Because we know your summer vegetation deserve a beautiful new home for the summer.



Tools required to build this DIY planter box, laid out on a tabletop.


  • Drill
  • Jigsaw (or any saw you have at home)
  • Brad nailer or hammer
  • Pencil
  • Square, ruler and measuring tape
  • Paint roller and brush
  • Sandpaper 120 grit


  • Two 1 inch x 11 inches x 72 inches pine wood panels
  • Brad nails (or a hammer and nails)
  • Paint
  • Two 1 ¼ inches x 48 inches wood dowels
  • Wood screws

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Step One: Measure The Wood

Creator Maca Atencio measuring out the wood cuts using a ruler and square.

Firstly, make note of the below cut list. These are all the various wood cuts we’ll be making for the walls of the DIY planter box:

  • Base: 34 inches x 11 inches
  • Front: 36 inches x 11 inches
  • Back 36 inches x 11 inches
  • 2 sides: 11 inches x 11 inches

Grab the measuring tape and mark the sizes with a pencil. Use a square and a ruler to achieve perfectly straight lines.

Step Two: Cut The Wood Pieces

Now, cut the five wood sides of the DIY planter box with a jigsaw. Making sure you secure these pieces to a worktable with your clamps to help you make even, smooth cuts.

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Step Three: Sand 

Maca using a sanding block to sand down her DIY planter box wood pieces.

Sanding is an essential step when you work on wood DIYs. This step smooths out your final product, reducing potentially dangerous rough edges, helping paint adhere better and contributing to an overall better final look. Use a 120 grit sandpaper and sand lightly all five wood pieces of the DIY planter box. Once sanded, dust thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. Make sure all dust is removed prior to the painting step.

Step Four:  Assemble Your DIY Planter Box

Maca assembling the DIY planter box by attaching pieces together.

Once sanded, form the DIY planter box. Attach all five sides together using a brad nailer. Don’t have a brad nailer handy? Simply use some nails and a hammer to complete this step.

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Step Five: Paint The Planter


Maca using a paint roller to paint the exterior of her DIY planter box.

Once your box is ready, paint the exterior using your favourite summer colour and your roller brush. Let the first coat sit until dry to the touch. Then, paint your second coat and apply detailing with a paint brush.

Step Six: Cut the Dowels

Maca cutting her long dowels in half to create legs for the DIY planter box.

Now, we’ll cut down the wood dowels to create the four legs, each measuring 24 inches long. Cut each dowel in half using a jigsaw and lightly sand when you finish. Find and mark the center of the dowel and drill a small hole into the base of each one.

Step Seven: Add The Legs 

Maca using wood screws to attach the dowel legs to the DIY planter box.

Last step! Screw the legs to the DIY planter box base. Mark the location of each leg 3 inches away from the edges. Drill a small hole for each leg at the bottom of the box. Grab the dowels and, using the wood screws, screw them from above, securing each of them from both sides.

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Maca placing potted flowers into her DIY planter box.

Et voila! Whether you have acres of backyard or a few square feet of balcony, this roomy planter will be perfect for all your summer flowers, herbs and veggies.

DIY planter box full of flowers, standing against a brick wall backdrop.

Images Courtesy of Maca Atencio

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