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Halloween Staircase Decor: The Simple Way to Style Your Home for Spooky Season

Halloween Staircase Decor: The Simple Way to Style Your Home for Spooky Season

Decorating a front porch for Halloween is a fun tradition, but there are other ways to prep your home for the spooky season. Whether your porch is too small or you realize you’ll enjoy the decor more if it were inside, styling your steps for Halloween will surely get you in the spooky spirit. With a few simple (and reusable) supplies, you can create this Halloween staircase in a few minutes.


Materials Required: 

  • Fake spider webbing in both gray and black
  • Bat and spider cutouts
  • Small ghosts
  • Skeleton arms (these are actually salad servers!)
  • Plastic Jack-o-lanterns
  • Battery-operated candles
  • Witch hand candle holder
  • Battery-operated lights

Step One: Start With the Webbing

Mix the black and gray for a layered look. These are really easy to place, and they can definitely be saved for future Halloween decorations in years to come.

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staircase with gray and black webbing

Step Two: Decorate With Creepy Crawlies 

Attach the spider and bat cut-outs. These are usually meant to be attached to these webs, so use the little cut-outs to place them.

staircase with black spiders and gray and black webbing


Step Three: Play Around With Your Arrangement 

Add skeleton arms and crows to the banister and posts. I love that the crows seem to have “landed” on the stairs. Put them in different directions, or even have them all facing the same way to be looking at something specific inside the house. Little details make a big difference.

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staircase with crows, black spiders and ghosts

Step Four: Add More Haunting Details 

Hang small ghosts to look like they’re flying up the staircase. These also light up at night, so they look extra spooky and fun!

staircase with plastic pumpkins, webbing and spiders

Step Five: Style the Steps

Don’t let the banister have all the fun. Add some jack-o-lanterns to the steps. These also light up and don’t take up a lot of room, so they’re easy to step around. The witch’s hand is also a fun detail. You can add a battery-operated candle to it for more of that nighttime fun.

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a staircase with halloween decorations: black spiders, ghosts, skeletons and lights

Bonus Tip: Let it Shine 

Add some battery-operated lights to amp up the fun factor. These look so great at night, and some even come with a timer, so you can have them shut off within a few hours of turning them on.

Images courtesy of Thalita Murray. 

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