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Contemporary Christmas Festive Wreaths: Sarah Baeumler’s Latest Love

Contemporary Christmas Festive Wreaths: Sarah Baeumler’s Latest Love

Published November 30, 2017, Updated December 14, 2020


Sarah Baeumler’s passion for design led her to join husband Bryan Baeumler on the front lines of his real estate and renovations business. She stars in Home to Win and co-hosts Bryan Inc. and Island of Bryan alongside Bryan.


As the Christmas bells ring louder and the colder days become more frequent, those of us who celebrate Christmas (and even those who don’t!) are readying our homes with decorations and garlands to celebrate the season. One common addition to many front doors and fireplaces are holiday wreaths. This is one decoration that I always include in my Christmas trimmings every year. See how I’ve decorated my home with wreaths for the holidays!

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My holiday decorations attempt to add a sprinkle of Christmas without bombarding a space with too many traditional elements (your decor should add to your home’s style, not detract). A wreath can be the ideal way to begin your subtle approach to decking the halls. Choose a wreath that has a simple colour theme, which can add just a touch of whimsy or inspire your overall holiday look.

I choose wreaths and garlands that boast magnolia leaves and flowers for the inside of our home. The rich, deep greens and bright whites inject an element of nature while offering a sense of the winter season. I love the way in which the magnolia organically complements my home. The white leaves satisfy my obsession for white and the large, full leaves accompany the contemporary design scheme of my home nicely. I highly recommend including some magnolia wreaths in your home if you want your Christmas decor to be both modern and subtle.

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For my exterior wreaths, I use two different types of wreaths. For the less frequently used entrances, I like to hang boxwood wreaths. This clean and fresh boxwood leaf immediately puts me in the Christmas mood. I like the wreaths to be as simple as possible allowing for all the family to enjoy the festive season but without creating a cluttered feel.

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For our main entrance, I do go a little overboard. I like to use a more traditional wreath and this one is always the largest. We are a family who enjoys the festive season, so this oversized wreath is a symbol of our excitement for the holidays. I like this wreath to include some added decor, including pine combs and pine branches. The whole family enjoys the hanging of these wreaths as well as our other decorations; it truly is the starting off point of this wonderful season.

I do feel that real wreaths are important to use for decoration, not only do they bring freshness into your home as well as a beautiful smell, but it is also better for the environment. Plastic decorations, including wreaths, garlands and trees are often made from toxic materials that can have an adverse effect on the health of you and your family. They are also not made from sustainable materials and will eventually end up in landfill, whereas real decorations can be composted or recycled. If you need to go with plastic, it is recommended that you try to use them for at least a decade and if possible, purchase one that was made in Canada or as close to home as possible.

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However you decorate your home this holiday season, make sure you have fun! It is so nice to create a cohesive colour scheme and use decor that compliments your home, but ultimately this time of year is about spending time with your loved ones.

Images courtesy of Sarah Baeumler

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