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Try This Easy Faux Oil Painting Hack to Give New Artwork an Antique Look

Try This Easy Faux Oil Painting Hack to Give New Artwork an Antique Look

Have you ever seen a gorgeous antique oil painting and wished you could make your artwork have that same historic look? Well, with only a little bit of time and a few materials, you can turn any print or painting into a vintage-inspired piece of art! Follow these steps to make your own faux oil painting.



• Mod Podge (semi-gloss or satin finish)
• White glue/glue-stick (can also use mod-podge as adhesive)
• Small paintbrush
• Cardboard
• Antique picture frame
• Scissors
• Printed artwork
• Misc heavy books

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Mod podge and paint brush, antique print and antique frame.


Step One: Find a vintage frame and pick out a piece of digital art that suits your style. Print out your digital art into whatever size fits your frame.

Step Two: Once your artwork is printed, find a flat piece of cardboard roughly the same size as your print or larger.

Step Three: Use white glue or another adhesive to fully cover the back of your printed artwork in a healthy layer. Flip over your glued artwork onto the cardboard and lay it flat to dry. Use a couple of heavy books to hold the artwork firmly onto cardboard for best adhesion.

close up of mod podge and antique print for faux oil painting hack

Step Four: Make sure your art print is successfully glued and dried onto the cardboard. Trim the excess cardboard around the edges of your art.

Step Five: Gather a medium-sized paint brush and satin or semi-gloss Mod Podge and apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the front of your printed art. Use your paintbrush to brush around the Mod Podge in random thick strokes until your artwork is fully covered. The Mod Podge will appear white as it’s wet and will dry fully clear. Make sure you apply a generous amount and leave thick lines so the textures dry along with it.

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Step Six: Apply another one to two layers of Mod Podge once the painting has cleared dry. Be sure to use alternating strokes from your first layer. Let it fully dry, and repeat until you reach your desired look.

mod podge on an art print

Step Seven: Once your last layer of Mod Podge is dry, install it into your antique picture frame. The cardboard backing should provide enough support for the frame, but you can also add another piece of cardboard behind it for extra support.

antique-looking art print in antique frame

Step Eight: Hang your faux oil painting in your desired location and enjoy your antique-looking piece of art!

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Photos and video courtesy of Natalie Paquin. 

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