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Try This Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap For a Zero-Waste Christmas


Don’t you hate buying a ton of gift wrap only for it to go to waste almost immediately after unwrapping it? We have the perfect solution for you. This eco-friendly gift wrap provides enough cushion to protect your valuables while looking effortlessly chic too! By using fresh linen or cotton tea towels, you can upcycle your gift wrap for many years to come. Follow these steps to make your own eco-friendly gift wrap.


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  • Tea Towels
  • Gifts
  • Elastic Band
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Faux greenery
  • String
  • Small ornaments


Wrapping a Book (Or Something Rectangular) 

Step One: Place the tea towel horizontally.

Step Two: Place the book on top of the tea towel on an angle, near the bottom left corner.

Step Three: Fold the corner of the towel on top of the book and continue to “roll” the book on an angle.

Step Five: Make sure any loose fabric ends up on the top of the book.

Step Six: Tie the excess fabric from each end of the book together to make a knot in the center.

Step Seven: Tie a double knot to ensure it’s secure.

Step Eight: Optional: Tuck a few cinnamon sticks under the knot for a little something extra.

Wrapping a Circular Tin (Or Something Round) 

Step One: Place the tea towel horizontally.

Step Two: Place the tin in the middle of the tea towel.

Step Three: Gather one corner of the tea towel on the center of the tin.

Step Four: Continue to gather the other 3 corners.

Step Five: Secure with an elastic band.

Step Six: Tuck each corner into the elastic to create a flower-like shape.

Step Seven: Optional: Add faux, winter greenery with a clothespin.

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Wrapping a Bottle 

Step One: Place the tea towel horizontally.


Step Two: Place the bottle in the middle on an angle, so the bottom of the bottle is facing the bottom right corner.

Step Three: Pull the bottom right corner of the tea towel on top of the bottle so it’s about ¾ covered.

Step Four: Take the top right corner of the tea towel and fold it on an angle down towards you, covering the bottle.

Step Five: Tuck the tea towel under the bottle and roll the bottle towards you.

Step Six: Make sure the bottom sits flat by tucking the tea towel under the bottle as needed.

Step Seven: Continue to roll.

Step Eight: Twist and tie the excess fabric into a knot at the top of the bottle.

Step Nine: Optional: Add ribbon or string and a small ornament.

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Photos courtesy of The Craft Aisle

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