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DIY Three Stylish Stool Designs With Just Spray Paint


Got an old stool or two (or three) sitting in storage? Breathe new life into them with this budget-friendly DIY that requires little beyond spray paint. A super easy project with big results, these Paint School stool designs are great entry projects for the budding DIYer. 


Materials Required: 

  • BEHR® Spray Paint (we chose White, Hidden Sea Glass, Mayan Treasure, Khaki Shade, Blazing Bonfire and Outdoor Cafe)
  • Rubber gloves 
  • Goggles  
  • Mask or respirator 
  • 120 to 200 grit sandpaper and sandblock 
  • Cloth 
  • Painter’s tape 

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A plain wooden 3-legged stool atop a workbench.

HGTV Canada

Plain wood stools too neutral for your taste? BEHR® Spray Paints are available in a variety of popular colours and provide a vibrant, durable, long-lasting finish.

Before using spray paint, protect yourself with eye goggles, a mask and gloves. Also, ensure you have good ventilation for both the painting and drying processes. 


Style One: Transform With Two Different Colours  

Prep the wood surface of the wood stool with a sandblock and sandpaper. When complete, dust off with a clean, dry cloth. 

Start by spray painting the stool legs. If you can, remove the legs from the stool base and keep the screws in a safe bag. Shake the spray paint can for about a minute before using and often during use. I picked BEHR® Spray Paint in Mayan Treasure as my colour. Hold the can upright and spray lightly and evenly from side to side. For perfect coverage, re-coat before one hour or after 24 hours, with two to three thin coats. 

Spray paint the seat of the stool – I used three coats of BEHR® Spray Paint in White. Once the base is dry to touch, screw the legs back on and you’re done with the first DIY stool design! 

TIP: Did you know BEHR® Spray Paint has an advanced hide that combines paint and primer in a single can? It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, delivering a durable finish! 



The three-legged wooden stool spraypainted blue on its legs and a creamy white on its seat.

HGTV Canada

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Style Two: Try a Modern Half Leg Paint Style  

For our second style, we’re trying a trendy design seen everywhere lately: The half-leg paint style. 

To start, grab your painter’s tape and cover the areas you don’t want the spray paint to touch. Repeat the sanding step, as seen above in Style One, wherever you want to apply paint. Shake the can for a minute and paint your taped-off legs using BEHR® Spray Paint (I used Hidden Sea Glass). Let each coat dry and apply up to three coats for best results, as I did. 

Once the paint is dry to the touch, remove the tape and show off your new, modern, upcycled half-leg stool! 

TIP: A great tip for perfect spray painting? Keep moving the spray paint constantly when you’re painting so you can avoid concentrating too much paint in one stop. This can result in unattractive drips, runs and overall patchiness. 


The three-legged wooden stool spraypainted a bright turquoise only on the lower third of its legs.

HGTV Canada

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Style Three: Old Metal Stool? Make it Bold!  

Stool upcycles don’t stop at wood seats. Follow these spray paint tips for painting metal stools to create even, chip-free, long-lasting coverage. 


A four-legged silver metal stool atop a workbench.

HGTV Canada

Just like with wood stools, start by smoothing your surface down. If they’re in bad shape, clean the metal surface with a degreaser and a rag. Check for loose particles of old paint and sand them down with a sanding block. 

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Then, pick your colours. I chose BEHR® Spray Paints in Blazing Bonfire, Outdoor Café and Khaki Shade. Just like with the wood stools, locate a well-ventilated space and use protective gear (mask, gloves, goggles). Shake the can for a minute and start with the first coat of paint, covering the entire metal stool. Let dry, and then add designs: Tape off parts of the stools and add in colours – get creative! Finish your metal stools with three coats of paint for the most vibrant results. 



A metal stool spray-painted bold orange all over.

HGTV Canada

A metal stool spray-painted a warm brown all over.

HGTV Canada

TIP: The best way to spray? Hold the can upright 30 cm (12 inches) from the surface you’re working on. Vigorously shake the can while you work – you want to keep the paint moving throughout the process. 

You’re now ready to tackle all the old bar stools you have in your kitchen and make them pop!

Check out Paint School for more awesome DIYs. 

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